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About Jessica

Hi, I’m Jessica! Experienced mom of three, and the face behind Pinecones and Pacifiers!

While I am highly educated (Master’s of Science), right now my job is to be a full-time SAHM and content creator (hello dream job!)

I started this blog after my first son was born as a way to share tips, encouragement, and our baby led weaning journey with other moms. After more than 4 years in this space, i’m happy to say i’ve reached millions of people sharing motherhood experiences, motherhood lifestyle, parenting tips, meal ideas, and so much more!

I wanted this blog to be a place where other moms come and feel like they are having a casual conversation with a friend. I’m a real, busy, seasoned mama of three and want to help YOU on your path of motherhood.

When i’m not writing, filming content, or working behind the scenes, you’ll find me at the lake, on the ski hill, drinking lots of coffee, or planning our next vacation!

I’d love to connect with you on Instagram!

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