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Toddler Playroom Must-Haves

I’m sharing all of our favorites for a toddler playroom plus a few things on our wish list. All of these playroom must-haves are things that we actually have and love and use every day in our playroom. Add these playroom essentials to your wishlist or playroom design boards!

Reusable water balloons

Easy Water Play Activity – Reusable Water Balloons

Summer is such a fun time, but it can also be exhausting think of fun summer activities for your toddlers, preschoolers, and little kids. Here is one that they can (mostly) do on their own with just a few easy steps to set up – reusable water balloons!! Once your kids are playing you can sit back and “sittervise” (sit and supervise combined, which is the best kind of activity for moms)!

8 Benefits of Open-Ended Play for Toddlers

Wondering if there are benefits of open-ended play? Open-ended play has some serious benefits for your child’s cognitive and social development! We are big proponents of open-ended play and most of the toys we have not only allow for unstructured free play, but encourage it!

Easy Summer Activity: Paint the Water Table

Are you looking for a creative and easy-clean-up activity for your kids? Want to find a way to enjoy painting without worrying about the cleanup? Take all your paint supplies outside and let you kids paint the water table! I promise you this one is so fun and so easy to clean up.

Toddler Activity Supplies (Essentials & Equipment)

A list of the best toddler activity supplies for quickly and easily setting up toddler learning activities, crafts, and toddler sensory play. I love doing learning activities, crafts, and sensory play activities with my toddlers. Others often ask me how I do it so regularly and how long it takes me to prepare. In reality, …

Toddlers playing with paint and cars

Toddler Sensory Activities My Kids are Loving

A list of easy and fun toddler sensory activities that my kids are loving! Try these sensory play activities with your toddlers, preschoolers and young kids. Why sensory play? Sensory play activities encourage kids to learn through feeling, exploration, and creativity! It can also help the development of fine and gross motor skills as well …