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21 Best Learning Toys for 2 Year Olds in 2024

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Here you will find a roundup of the best learning toys for 2 year olds and toddlers from a homeschooling mom of three! From matching and sorting toys to building and art supplies, this list has all the best educational toys for toddlers.

As a mom of three energetic little ones, I know firsthand how crucial it is to keep our children engaged, stimulated, and, most importantly, learning through play.

With my youngest quickly approaching the age of 2, I’ve scoured the market for educational toys that not only captivate their imaginations but also encourage their cognitive and physical development.

After much trial and error, I’ve compiled a list of the best learning toys for 2 year olds that have passed the ultimate test—my kids’ approval.

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Learning Toys for 2 Year Olds

Matching and Sorting Toddler Toys

Educational Toys for 2 Year Olds Ideas
  1. Lovevery Block Set and Shape Sorter – blocks are great for learning spatial awareness, geometry, fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and creativity. This set also comes with a shape sorter! This block set is made of durable, high quality materials, and is something that will grow with your toddler into the preschool years and beyond! (see on Amazon, see at Target)
  1. Matching Eggs ToyThis matching egg set is great for color and shape recognition as well as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. My toddlers loves to take them apart and put them back together and they are also fun because they can be played with as a play food toy.
  1. Learning Resources Matching Heads & Tails Flash Cards – let your toddler learn about animals and the world around them, while practicing hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills! These are a great quiet time activity at a restaurant or waiting room.
  1. Counting & Sorting Color Bears – teach your toddler about colors and sorting by size, while practicing find motor skills and building hand strength with the tweezers! I especially love that this set comes with colored sorting cups and a storage bin.
  1. Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sortinganother fun way to practice color identification and sorting! It’s also fun because the food can be used as play food for imaginative play.
  1. Wooden Shape Color Stack Puzzle – practice shape and color recognition, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and cognitive puzzle skills! This is a simple toy that’s been in our playroom for years!
  1. Learning Resources Alphabet Matching Alpha Pops – a fun way to practice color recognition and matching as well as learning the alphabet. The two piece pops click together so this toy also helps with hand-eye coordination. These are on our wish list and come highly recommended!

Building and Creative Learning Toys for 2 Year Olds

2 Year Old Educational toy Ideas
  1. Bristle Blocks – Bristle blocks are great for 3-D building and imaginative play! There are so many ways to hook them together and build whatever your toddler can dream up.
  1. Duplo Blocksbuilding toys like duplos can encourage imaginative play, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills. They can also be used as a sensory toy if you cool them in jello or throw them in a bath tub full of water.
  1. Picasso Tilesthese are for a more advanced builders, but are a fun way for toddlers to build in 3D. Picasso tiles connect on the edges using magnets and are great for practicing architectural design. They can also teach creativity and sense of shape since they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.
  1. Tempura Paint Sticks – a less mess way for your toddler to learn about colors, practice fine motor skills, and express their creativity! We have this exact set and they wash off very easily.
  1. Crayola Double Doodle Board – washable crayons for mess-free learning! Coloring is great for practicing pre-writing skills and fosters creativity.

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Puzzle, Books, and Pattern Toddler Toys

2 Year Old Learning Toy Ideas
  1. Learning Resources Hedgehog – a fun toy to practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. We got this when my first was a baby and it has been a favorite for the 2 year old age range.
  1. Alphabet Learning Puzzle – great as a puzzle to practice spatial awareness and matching, as well as for letter and number recognition.
  1. Personalized Puzzle – a fun and unique gift that is also a great educational learning toy for your toddler! These are great gifts for toddlers who already seem to have everything or gift givers who just want to give a personalized gift.
  1. Wooden Lacing Beads – great for color and pattern recognition, and fine motor skills. This toy also teaches early math skills like counting and sequencing! We love Melissa & Doug toys for their amazing quality!
  1. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book – this book is great for leaning, recognizing, and practicing to say a variety of words. When you touch the picture it says the work aloud so its great for independent play as well as structured learning with the help of an adult. This also has an option to learn in Spanish!
  1. Toddler Flash Cardswe use flash cards for structured play, but they can also be used for independent play if your toddler will cooperate. I use an empty coffee can and cut a slit in the top to make a fun toy incorporating flash cards. Check out this activity plus a few more in my post: Fun & Easy Toddler Activities for 1-2 Year Olds

Play Kits and More

  1. Lovevery Play Kit – as a mom of three, I highly recommend the Lovevery play kits! If you haven’t gotten one yet, two years old is the perfect age to start! Some of our favorite play kits are for the two year old age range (including The Helper Play Kit & The Free Spirit Play Kit). (Save 10% when you prepay for multiple play kits)
  1. Sprinkle In Learning ABS’s & 123’s – Sprinkle in learning is a great small business that creates PlayPods for toddlers! Their ABC’s & 123’s Bundle is great for two year olds who are just learning the alphebet and numbers, or want to practice. They also have tons of other PlayPods to choose from (they are great for travel!)
  1. Montessori Preschool Busy Book – this busy book is great for quiet time or keeping your toddler entertained on flights, road trips, appointments, or restaurants. My kids have LOVED this activity book for many years and it’s a great alternative to screen time.

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