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Easy Water Play Activity – Reusable Water Balloons

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Looking for an easy water play activity for your toddler or little one? Try our new favorite summer activity – reusable water balloons!

Summer is such a fun time, but it can also be exhausting think of fun summer activities for your toddlers, preschoolers, and little kids. Here is one that they can (mostly) do on their own with just a few easy steps to set up – reusable water balloons!! Once your kids are playing you can sit back and “sittervise” (sit and supervise combined, which is the best kind of activity for moms)!

Before you get too far, I’m Jessica, mom of three – with multiple toddlers – and want to share this fun easy summer activity with you! Follow along with us on Instagram for all our seasonal activities, daily life, meal ideas, and more!

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How to Reusable Water Balloons Work

Unlike regular water balloons, you don’t need a hose to fill up these reusable water balloons! All you need is a bucket or some sort of tub or basin full of water (or our favorite set up discussed below)! The water doesn’t need to be deep – just a few inches will do!

Reusable water balloons come apart into two pieces attached by a band of plastic. You simply open them up, place under water and let go. The reusable water balloons are self-sealing so they will close on their own in a second or two and have small magnets so they stay together until they collide with something and explode.

It might be easier just to see how these reusable water balloons work! See my kids playing with them in action here.

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Benefits of Reusable Water Balloons

Reusable water balloons are so fun and are a great summer activity for toddlers and little kids. Here are some benefits of reusable water balloons:

  • Economic – purchase once and play for the whole summer and more
  • Eco friendly – no more tiny balloon pieces all over the environment
  • Easy to set up – all you need is these balloons and water
  • Easy for kids to fill – my 3 and 4 year old can fill them on their own
  • Keep cool in the summer – water play is a great way to stay cool
  • Longer play – refill again and again so your kids don’t need to stop once they throw them once

Reusable Water Balloon Set Up

There’s not much needed to set up reusable water balloon play! This is a simple summer activity that you toddlers and little kids can mostly do by themselves while you “sittervise”.

First up, you definitely want to grab the reusable water balloons that we have! My kids have tested these for weeks now and they have held up! Every single one is in-tact and works great after dozens of uses.

Next, you will need some sort of bucket, tub, or your trusty water table filled up with water so that your kids can fill and refill the water balloons over and over again. We have this water table and have been loving all the features and accessories, plus it’s big enough that multiple toddlers can play together without being too crowded.

A water table is not required, but if you already have one or want the full summer backyard play experience, I definitely recommend pairing this activity with your water table for more fun water play!

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Easy summer toddler activity - reusable water balloons!