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Summer Schedule for Toddlers

I’m a mom of three sharing our summer routine and schedule for my toddlers and preschooler. I’m a fan of schedules and routines in general (they keep me from becoming a total hot mess) and find that in the summer time we generally have to adjust and tweak our schedule a little bit to account for more time outside and all the fun things that summer brings.

Easy Toddler Bedtime Routine

Our easy toddler bedtime routine that helps our toddlers settle down at night and go to sleep quickly and without a fight. Most people (adults and children alike) thrive on routine because it helps your brain know what to expect each day and what’s coming next. A bedtime routine is no different and can help …

Realistic 2 Year Old Daily Schedule

A realistic 2 year old schedule including meal times, screen time, and indoor/outdoor play times. Sticking to a schedule can help toddlers know what to expect each day and prevent melt downs from being hungry or overtired. I’m a mom of two and am sharing the schedule that my two year old follows most days. …