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9 Must Have Potty Training Supplies

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Are you asking: What supplies do I need for potty training? What do I need to do to prepare for potty training?

I’m sharing a list of must have potty training supplies so you can be successful with potty training the first time! This is everything that I used to potty train my toddler.

Potty training is a marathon, not a sprint. Even if you do a quick and dirty training method like the 3-Day Method  or Oh Crap! Potty Training, you will likely still be in the training phase for a few weeks or months; many toddlers will continue to have accidents for a little while after the initial training period.

Additionally, most toddler’s aren’t big enough for the full adult size toilet until the are much older and still need your help to go and clean up. Therefore, many items you use for training can be used for a long time to come!

Potty Training Under 2

We potty trained my toddler at 21 months old using the Oh Crap! Potty training method and it took a good month or two for me to declare my toddler officially potty trained. You can check out my full post on how we potty trained under 2 here: Potty Training Tips for Toddlers Under 2

If you are knees deep in potty training and still having issue you may also find this post helpful: How Long Does A Potty Training Regression Last?

One thing that helped us be successful at potty training at such a young age was having a plan and having the right potty training supplies. These supplies aren’t anything fancy and are all pretty affordable!

None of these items are “required” to potty train your toddler, but they can be extremely helpful. Below are all of our toddler potty training essentials to make this super messy job just a little bit easier!

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Supplies List

  1. Oh Crap! Potty Training Book // We used this method and would highly recommend that you read the book before starting with potty training! It can be so helpful to have a defined plan and have a book to refer back to when things get rough.
  1. Toddler Potty // I totally thought we could do without this, but boy was I wrong! We tried for two days and then ended up running to the store to get a small toddler potty. Many kids – my son included – prefer going #2 on the toddler potty because it can be easier to go with their knees higher than their hips. Its great to keep this in your main living area or tote it around from room to room. It is also very helpful when things get urgent!
  1. Toilet Training Seat // A toddler potty is great, but eventually your toddler will want to move to the big toilet, at least part time. A smaller insert or toilet training seat is great so that they don’t literally fall into the toilet using the normal-sized seat. It can make them more comfortable sitting on the big toilet and can keep them sitting a little longer, which can be useful during potty training.
  1. Toddler Toilet Stool // I reccomened a toilet stool so that your toddler can start to climb onto the toilet independently. My toddler, who is under 2, can’t quite climb up by himself, but he can get down independently with this stool. I like this one because it is rounded on one side so it can hug the toilet and better stay in place.
  1. Portable Toddler Toilet Seat // This travel toilet seat is so helpful when on the go. We have also brought it along when we went on vacation so we wouldn’t have to bring our larger toilet insert. At first this sounded a little gross to me, but the seat folds up inwards so that you never have to touch the bottom part that was touching the actual toilet seat. We have the blue one and my toddler lovingly refers to this as his “blue potty” and gets very excited to use it.
  1. Flushable Toddler Wipes // A major must-have! I didn’t learn about these until a few weeks into potty training and i’m so happy I found them. Toddler poop can get messy and sometimes toilet paper doesn’t cut it. I was using baby wipes, but they are not flushable so we had to throw them in the trashcan and that was no fun. These toddler wipes are the best of both worlds – a wet wipes that is flushable.
  1. Potty Training Sticker Chart // During the potty training process, many toddlers respond well to a sticker chart as positive reinforcement and motivation to go on the potty. We love this one! After 2 months we don’t really use it anymore, but my son still does ask for a sticker occasionally and we are happy to give him one for his good deed.
  1. Training Pants // The Oh Crap! potty training method, and many other methods don’t utilize training pants. However, they can be extremely helpful for certain situations. We still haven’t nap or night trained and felt better putting him in training pants than an actual diaper. We call them his “big boy pull ups”. We also went on vacation about a month in to potty training and used these for the 5 hour car ride.
  1. Underwear // After your kiddo is potty trained, they will want some underwear to proudly wear around. It can be fun and motivating to let your toddler help pick them out. Or if you know their favorite character or toy, surprise them with some fun undies!

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