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One-Year-Old Gift Guide

As a mom of three, I love giving gifts that are practical, meaningful, and can grow with your child into the toddler years and beyond! That’s why I’ve put together this guide of awesome birthday gifts that are perfect for a one year old that are both practical and fun.

Ultimate 1 Nap Toddler Schedule

The ultimate feeding and nap schedule with one daytime nap. Sample hour-by-hour schedule that is great for babies over 1 year old. I’m a mom of two and am sharing our ultimate 1 nap schedule that has worked great for both of my kids. There seems to be a sweet spot for when to give …

One Year Old Gifts

15 One Year Old Gift Ideas

Birthday or holiday gift ideas for one year olds! This list was created by a mama of a one-year-old to show the top one year old gifts. When Corbin’s first birthday rolled around, we had lots of requests for his wish-list. Since then we have also been to a few other first birthday parties and …