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Top 8 Month Old Toys: 8 Toy Ideas

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Toy ideas for your 6-8 month old! 8 unique and fun toys that you need for your 8 month old baby! Add these toys to your registry or baby wishlist.

My 8 month old love toys these days! His favorite toys are ones that have bright colors and various textures that he can explore.

He still loves the chew on everything and explore things by putting them in his mouth. But, his fine motor skills have developed enough so that he can grasp and manipulate smaller objects. He is also sitting up and wants to play a little more independently these days.

Below list of baby toys are great for babies that are sitting independently, but not yet crawling or walking. These are great for 6-8 month old babies or even babies outside this range if they are not yet on the move.

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Most of these toys lasted us from about 6-10 months. But, some of them he has used much longer than that! Below is my list of top 8 unique and fun baby toys for babies in this age range.

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Top 8 Month Old Toys: 8 Toy Ideas

Top Baby Toys for 6-8 Month Olds

Stacking cups // My son is currently obsessed with these stacking cups. Update: at 14 month he still loves stacking cups! The colors are bright and engaging and are just the right size for him to hold in his hands. They are fun to stack, unstack, and bang together to make noise. These cups are very durable and can stand up to lots of chewing and throwing. They are also great for traveling since they collapse into each other and can also be used in the bath!

Hedgehog Rattle // This is a fun baby rattle with lots of different features that your baby can explore as they grow and become more developed. The bottom part of this toy is made of rubber, and the holes make it easy for baby to grasp. There are also rings that move across the top of this toy and make a fun noise when your baby shakes it.

Multi-sensory rotating teethers // My son loves the different textures and moving pieces of these multi-sensory teethers. The bright colors and different shapes keep him engaged and he loves to test chewing on the different textures. I tried to introduce these teethers to him a few months ago, but he didn’t really show any interest until recently. Teething toys are great for entertaining your baby and also for reducing pain from teething.

Push cars // Small push cars are another one of my son’s favorite toys at 8 months old. He won’t roll them on his own yet, but loves watching us roll them and likes to pick them up and chew on them. These are one toy my son can grow into! Update: at 14 months he still loves his push cars!

Indestructibles chewable books // Indestructibles are rip proof, chew proof, and washable books. They are truly made for baby to grab, crinkle, and chew on and still remain in tact. These were one of my son’s favorite toys for so many months. I also wrote about them in my post for top 6 month old toys and they are still a big hit at our house!

Ring Stack // The classic ring stack toy is another one of my 8 month old’s favorite toys! He loves to pull the rings off one by one and it is great for his hand-eye coordination. The colors are bright and the rings are the perfect size for him to hold and grasp.

Sassy Wonder Wheel Toy // This toy will keep my 8-month old entertained for 10 minutes at a time. It has a suction cup on the bottom so it easily sticks to the table, high chair, or even an airplane or car window. It makes a quiet ticking sound when spinning the wheel, but also has different spinning pieces for your baby to explore when the main wheel is in place. This one is great for traveling!!

Baby Einstein Light Bar // This is a great toy for tummy time, but is also fun when your baby is older and can sit. We placed this on the high chair tray when my son couldn’t quite sit unsupported. And now we use it when he is practicing his independent sitting. He loves to spin the ball in the middle that starts up all the lights and songs at once!

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