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Best Toys for 6 Month Olds

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A list of the tried and true best toys for 6 month olds based on what my babies have loved at this age.

Are you wondering, what kind of toys should my 6 month old have? How do I entertain my 6 month old? What toys should I buy for a 6 month old baby? This post can help!

Our favorite toys for 6 months old are ones that are chewable, make fun noises, or come in bright fun colors. Around 6 months old my boys have been able to sit independently (or with a little help) and quickly lose interest in their newborn toys that they used to love so much.

Some babies may also be crawling at this age or close to crawling so toys that can be used at the crossroads of these developmental milestones are key to keeping your baby’s interest.

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6 Month Old Development

Babies can range in their development significantly. 6 months old is a time of significant growth in your baby’s brain and they may be ahead of other babies in certain milestones, but behind in others. Remember that all babies grow and develop at their own pace so talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns you have regarding your baby’s development.

Here are some typical developmental milestones your baby may reach around 6 months old. Your baby may:

  • reach for an object and bring it to their mouth
  • pass objects from one hand to the other
  • try to respond to sounds by making sounds
  • enjoy playing with others
  • show excitement or positive emotions

Toys that help your baby practice or master these developmental milestones will be most advantageous and will likely keep your baby’s interest for the longest amount of time.

Top Baby Toys for 6-8 Months

Indestructible Chewable Books – These books are so awesome and have lasted so long! They are chew proof, rip proof, and also nontoxic and washable. We especially likes these because they give the opportunity to chew and explore a different texture than standard soft or rubber chew toys.

Silicone Ring Stack – ring stacks are great for practicing hand-eye coordination! The different colors and sizes are also fun for your baby to look at and explore. We love that these are silicone so they are great for chewing as well.

Soft Block Toys – These are great for tiny hands to hold and are fun to stack up and knock over. They feature multiple textures, fabrics, and sounds.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Magical Lights Fishbowl – This toy is specially fun once your baby can sit up independently. This toy is fun because it is specifically made for dumping out and filling back up! The fishbowl lights up and plays songs when you push the buttons or when it detects movement inside the bowl.

Wooden ABC/123 Blocks – These blocks have been good in developing his fine motor skills. They are smaller than most of his other toys (although not a choking hazard). The blocks are made of solid wood and are very durable and a unique texture for him to chew on.

Jumper – 6 months old is the perfect age to start using a bouncer. It is recommended that your baby can sit independently before using which happens around this age. This toy lasted us 6-8 additional months after my babies have started using it at 6 months.

Stacking Cupsthese cups are one of the most versatile and long-lasting toys we have had! They are great for traveling since they can be easily stored away. They are also a lot of fun to use in the bath once your baby can sit in the bathtub unsupported.

Light Bar Activity Station – This toy is great for tummy time, sitting in the highchair, or babies who are just learning to sit independently. Corbin loves to watch the lights and spin the ball in the middle.

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