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Toki Mats Review: Luxury Playmats for Babies and Toddlers

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A review of Toki Mats from a mom of three, including their many benefits and uses for babies, toddlers and beyond!

Playmats are a staple in many households with young children. However, not all playmats are created equal! Having navigated the world of playmats for my three kids, I’ve found a great playmat option that transcends babyhood from tummy time to tumbling.

Toki Mats sent us their Vegan Leather Mat in Sage to try and review and it has quickly become one of our favorite play items in our home. This post is sponsored, but all thoughts and ideas are honest and are my own.

Toki Mats mat in playroom

Toki Mat Design

The Toki Mat design consists of two parts: a play mat cover and foam inserts.

Playmat Cover: This comes in various options depending on your preference. Playmat covers have zippers and are removable, so they are easy to clean. Styles include:

Foam Inserts: Each mat consists of two 1 inch thick foam inserts made of 100% natural Dunlop latex foam. This provides a comfortable and supportive cushioning for your child, while also being breathable. The classic option is Oeko-Tex certified, while the organic option is GOLS certified.

A Soft and Supportive Playmat

The luxuriously soft foam inserts make Toki Mats an optimal place for babies and toddlers to play. Whether your baby is practicing tummy time, sitting up to play with toys, crawling, or beyond, Toki Mats provide a soft landing zone for your play space.

With 1 inch foam inserts, Toki Mats are thicker than some other playmats we have tried. We love using our Toki Mat during tummy time since I can rest assured it’s a soft and cozy space if baby were to bring their head down or try to roll over.

Toki Mats folded up to bring on the go

Removable Cover Means It’s Easy to Clean

Another benefit of Toki Mats is that they have removable covers that make them extremely easy to clean! The Organic Cotton and Bamboo Jersey + Organic Cotton covers can be washed in the washer (see care instructions for more details) and the Vegan Leather mat covers are durable and easy to wipe clean.

We have moved our Vegan Leather Toki Mat from room to room and dealt with spills, spit up, markers and more and it always wipes perfectly clean. We even take our Toki Mat outside from time to time and have also had no issue cleaning the playmat cover.

Easy to Bring On-The-Go

Not only are Toki Mats great for use at home, but they also fold up and the vegan leather option has handles so they are easy to bring on-the-go! Bring your Toki Mat to playgroup, Grandma’s house, hotels, or even to the park.

If you do choose to bring your Toki Mat on-the-go, rest assured that it will stand up to travel and be easy to clean with the removable, wipeable or washable cover! We have taken ours along to a hotel and also bring it out in the backyard from time to time and it has held up great!

The Perfect Playmat for Tummy Time

Tummy time, specifically supervised time spent on baby’s belly, is crucial for babies’ muscle development, motor skills, sensory development, and preventing flat head syndrome. Having a safe and cozy space to set your baby for tummy time is equally as important and can be something that parents struggle with, especially in small spaces or on-the-go.

Toki Mats provide the ideal foundation for babies practicing tummy time. The foam inserts provide optimal comfort and support for your baby and offer a soft landing once your baby begins to roll or crawl.

Toddler girl playing with toys on toki mats

A Safe Space for Sitting & Crawling

As your baby grows and develops they will also learn important skills such as sitting and crawling. Toki Mats provides ample cushioning for tumbles and falls that are inevitable as your baby practices sitting and crawling. This reduces the risk of bumps and bruises, giving you peace of mind and encouraging them to explore confidently.

My favorite use for our Toki Mat is when my babies enter the sitting stage and need a little extra cushioning when they tip over. I love that Toki Mats are portable so you can bring them along and have a safe space for your baby to sit wherever you go.

A Cushioned Corner for Toddler Play

As your child transitions into toddlerhood,Toki Mats transform into a space for boundless creativity and imaginative play. The cushioned surface is a cozy place to sit and it also gives a defined area for your toddler to do activities.

I love setting up our Toki Mat in the corner of our playroom as a soft space to look at books or do quiet time activities such as Legos or building blocks. Since Toki Mat cover are so easy to clean, I don’t bat an eye when my toddlers have wanted to fingerpaint, color, or even do Play-Doh while sitting in their cozy corner.

Toddler Boy Tumbing on Toki Mats

Grows with your Child

Toki Mats aren’t just a playmat for babies; they adapt to your child’s developmental stages, from those first wobbly attempts at tummy time to the energetic explorations of toddlerhood, and even venturing into the exciting world of light tumbling.

Even though my older two are 4 and 6, we still use our Toki Mat daily at the bottom of our indoor play slide and bring it out to the playroom for light tumbling. I still find my boys sitting on their Toki Mat to play with their Legos or do handwriting workbooks. The possibilities are endless!

Toki Mats: The Perfect Investment for Playful Development

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Toki Mats offer a unique blend of luxury, functionality, and style. They provide a safe, stimulating, and comfortable environment for babies, toddlers, and even little kids.

As a mom of three, I can assure you that Toki Mats are an investment that will grow with your child from infancy, to toddlerhood and beyond. We have personally used our Toki Mat as a space for tummy time, as a cushion for practicing sitting, as an activity mat for toddler play, and for light tumbling and reading with little kids.

Because the mats are so well-made, I know they’ll last for years and years to come. While my kids seem to outgrow other children’s play products super quickly, I know our Toki Mat won’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

The benefits of the versatility and easy-to-clean covers are beyond measure and our Toki Mats are an important part of my childrens’ play space.

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