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Best Indoor Jungle Gym – EZPlay Toys Panda Playground Review

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What’s one thing you didn’t know you needed in your playroom? For me it’s an indoor toddler jungle gym: EZPlay Toys Panda Playground!

Before I had kids I always said I would never have a playroom. Fast forward three years, two kids, and a new house, and I found myself designing my dream playroom that took up about one third of the downstairs (it’s the largest room in the house!).

I have two toddlers who have a ton of energy and love to climb, slide, and jump off of everything they can. After searching around for the best playroom activities and playroom equipment I found the EZPlay Toys Panda Playground to be the perfect option for your toddlers to climb on and get energy out, but also be great quality and aesthetically appealing.

Keep reading to see all of the pros and cons and my favorite things about the EZPlay Toys Panda Playground, plus why I recommend the EZPlay Panda Playground to all my friends!

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EZPlay Toys sent us this playground, but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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What is Included in the EZPlay Panda Playground?

The EZPlay Panda Playground is a 5-in-1 toddler activity. It includes a 1) slide, 2) wooden stairs, 3) rope ladder, 4) swing, and 5) gymnastics rings.

The wooden stairs and rope ladder are part of the play structure and are set up across from each other in the tee-pee shaped playground set. The slide comes out perpendicular and is easily removable if you want to have more space for climbing or play using the tee-pee tent accessory.

In my experience it works best if you choose to set up the swing OR the gymnastic rings, but it is difficult to have both set up at the same time. The playground does come with all of the necessary rope, screws, and pieces to easily set up the playground in about 30 minutes.

What Age Range Is Best for the EZPlay Panda Playground?

The EZPlay Toys Panda Playground is recommended for 18+ months. My 18 month old is able to climb up the wooden stairs, rope ladder, and easily go down the slide, but he isn’t able to easily go on the swing or gymnastic rings. In my experience, the EZPlay Panda Playground is fun for toddlers 18+ months, but toddlers 2.5+ years old will really enjoy the playground most.

Can the EZPlay Panda Playground Be Used Inside or Outside?

Both; the EZPlay Toys Panda Playground can be used indoors and outdoors.

The playground is primarily made for indoor use and is perfect for playrooms, basements, bedrooms, living rooms, or just about any other room where you have the space. The footprint is a little large (98W x 52H x 52D) so you will want to put it in a larger room if you want to leave it set up 24/7.

Its extremely durable (much better quality than I had imagined) so it will hold up well outdoors, but EZPlay Toys recommends you bring it inside if you expect rain, snow, or inclement weather.

Is the EZPlay Panda Playground good for Toddlers?

The EZPlay Panda Playground is perfect for toddlers!

The playground holds up to 100 lbs so multiple toddlers can play on it together without worry; they recommend up to 50 lbs per play feature. The entire playground is made of wood (no plastic pieces or fixtures) and it’s finished with non-toxic paint and solvents. Add it to your toddler’s birthday list, Christmas list, or get it ‘just because’ to survive the summer heat or long winter freeze.

Does the EZPlay Panda Playground Have a Swing?

Yes! The EZPlay Panda Playground does include a swing.

It’s a DIY-style swing made of a single plank for the base, rope to hold it up, and wood rods to hold your toddler in. It’s removable and can be left out to provide more room for play or to make room for the gymnastic rings. There are some pros and cons of this style swing.

Pros of the EZPlay Panda Playground swing:

  • It isn’t bulky and stores away easily.
  • It’s easily adjustable to your toddler’s size and ability; you can raise and lower it easily and can adjust the height of the wood bars that act as a strap.
  • It provides a little more for imaginative play since you toddler can lay on their stomach, forward, backward, sideways (please supervise your child on the swing at all times for this reason).
  • My older toddler (almost 3) can climb in pretty easily and push his feet off the ground to swing.

Cons of the EZPlay Panda Playground swing:

  • It’s fairly flimsy and doesn’t have much support; therefore it isn’t great for younger toddlers or babies.
  • It’s held together by knots that you tie; you will need to tie them equally spaced so that your swing isn’t lopsided.

The swing takes some trial and error to get perfect, but once you get it there it does provide loads of fun, exercise, and entertainment, especially for older toddlers. EZPlay Toys also makes a swing insert that can provide a little extra support, structure, and padding!

Does the EZPlay Panda Playground Have a Slide?

Yes! The EZPlay Panda Playground does have a slide. It’s a wooden slide that is both sturdy and detachable and is the perfect steepness for young toddlers. The slide is 55 inches long and starts out 23 inches off the ground.

Pros of the EZPlay Panda Playground Slide:

  • It’s very sturdy and made of finished ash wood. Its the perfect texture to all your toddler to slide down without too much friction.
  • The slide is easily removable so you can use the jungle gym without it and it stores away easily.
  • It’s not too steep and perfect for young toddlers who don’t want to go too fast or fall off the end.

Cons of the EZPlay Panda Playground Slide:

  • The slide sticks out far and takes up a significant amount of space.

Does the EZPlay Panda Playground Store Away Easily?

Yes, for being such a large footprint (98W x 52H x 52D) the EZPlay Panda Playground stores away remarkably flat and narrow. The triangle base structure collapses to almost flat and the swing and slide are removable so they can be stored away separately.

Since the EZPlay Panda Playground can be used outside, the easy storage is a great feature so you can put it away during inclement weather. It’s also perfect for rotating your playroom activities (although based on experience your toddlers will be go to keep it up 24/7)

Does the EZPlay Panda Playground come in other colors?

The EzPlay Panda playground comes in two colors: Natural Wood and Multi-Color (a mix of green, purple, blue red, and orange). Both are very aesthetically pleasing and would be perfect for a playroom. I love that it comes in different color options so that it fits various styles. We have the Natural Wood version and it fits perfect into our neutral farmhouse styled playroom!

Are There Any Accessories for the EZPlay Panda Playground?

Yes, the EZPlay Panda Playground does have some awesome add-on accessories. Here are some of my favorites:

Panda Teepee Tent – the perfect attachment to take your EZPlay Panda Playground to the next level. Great for imaginative play or use in a story nook. It comes in different colors and patterns so you can match with your style or your playroom or bedroom decor.

Panda Swing Insert – add a little more cushion and support to your EZPlay Panda Playground swing. This would be perfect for younger toddlers who need a little extra support in the swing.

EZPlay Foam Playmat – perfect to use under your EZPlay Panda Playground as a landing pad for jumps and falls. The playmat is made of high density foam and is wipeable for easy cleaning.

Would you Recommend the EZPlay Panda Playground?

Yes! The EZPlay Panda Playground has been an amazing addition to our toddler playroom and I recommend it to all of my mom friends. Here are some of my favorite things about the EZPlay Panda Playground:

  • It’s aesthetically pleasing; its something i’m proud to have out 24/7 in our playroom!
  • It’s extremely sturdy; I don’t worry about it being damaged even when my boys play hard.
  • It’s 5-in-one; there are so many ways to play and toddlers of all ages and abilities can have fun.
  • It’s versatile; we keep it in our playroom right now, but it can easily fold up and be moved outdoors.
  • It’s made of wood; there are no plastic features and everything is wood (besides the ropes and screws).
  • It was easy to assemble (mom approved!)

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