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How To Organize Baby’s Dresser

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Tips and tricks for how I organize baby’s dresser. It seems as though babies go through clothes every month (or week!). They are going fast and outgrowing clothes as quickly as they grow into them.

I have found that the key to saying on top of all of these wardrobe changes, is to stay organized!

It is helpful to keep the most useful items in the top drawers. Since you will likely use things these multiple times per day.

Keeping clothes organized by size is also key to easily transitioning wardrobes as baby grows.

Here are my tips on how to organize baby’s dresser. We have a 6 drawer dresser, but if you have a larger or smaller dresser the same principals can apply; stay organized and prioritize the most-used items.

1. Top Left – Burp Cloths & Diapers

The top two drawers contain items that we use multiple times per day; burp cloths, diapers, and clothes. Its best to have your most used items in the top drawers so they can be easily accessible. Our top left drawer contains burp cloths & diapers (right now, bibs too!). Approximately 30-40 diapers can fit in a drawer, depending on the size. I always keep the diaper drawer stocked because that is the biggest thing you never want to be without!

We love these bandana bibs that have a built-in teether!

Nuby 2 Piece Reversible 100% Natural Cotton Muslin Teething Bib, Dinosaurs/Bears, Green/Grey

To read more about how to organize your diaper changing station, check out this post.

How to Organize Baby's Dresser
Burp cloths, bibs, diapers

2. Top Right – Clothes that Fit

The second most used draw is for clothes that fit. We keep onesies & bottoms in the same drawer, and hang up any shirts or jackets. We like to keep baby’s clothes neatly folded and organized horizontally, that way we can see every single item in the drawer. Keep onesies to one side and bottoms on the other. Our outfits are normally mix & match, but if all of your outfits are already pre-matched, consider organizing them like that in the drawer.

The key to this drawer is only filling it with items that fit your baby right now! Store away things that are too small, and anything too big store in the drawer below. We have about 14 onesies and 10 pants that fit at any given time. This means baby can make it approximately a week without laundry, but we can still store everything in a single drawer.

How to Organize Baby's Dresser

3. Middle Left – Pajamas

The second drawer down – or middle drawer – on the left is reserved for pajamas. Again, only filling it with things that fit your baby right now! Store away anything that baby has out grown. Put pajamas that are too big in the appropriate drawer for 1 size up or 2 sizes up. Like outfits, we also store the pajamas neatly folded and stacked in the drawer horizontally so they are easy to see. We keep about 10 pajamas on-hand in baby’s current size.

These are our favorite cotton pjs!

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Boys' 3-Pack Snug Fit Footed Cotton Pajamas, Crab/Sea Creatures/Cars, 5T
How to Organize Baby's Dresser

4. Middle Right – Clothes 1 Size Up

The middle right drawer is for clothes that are too big for baby, but he will be in soon. We don’t organize this drawer as strictly as we do the others. But, we do go through this drawer every few weeks to see if there is anything new that fits. Just like adult clothes – baby clothes of the same size can fit differently. We try to go based on fit, rather than moving all clothes of the same size at once.

How to Organize Baby's Dresser

5. Bottom Left – Socks & Hats

The bottom left drawer is for socks and hats (and some miscellaneous items like swimsuits). We keep socks matched and folded in pairs. Also, like your outfits and pajamas, we only keep socks that fit in this drawer. Socks have a larger size range that onesies, but if they are outgrown we still move to storage.

How to Organize Baby's Dresser

6. Bottom Right – Clothes 2 Sizes Up

Finally, our last drawer on the bottom right is for clothes that are currently too big for baby (2 sizes up). Although they are not in use, I like to keep these clothes in baby’s dresser so that they are easily accessible. I can see what clothes items he has to wear in the next few months. That way, if he needs more of a particular item (say long pants), I can order them well before he needs them.

How to Organize Baby's Dresser

Another tip to organize your baby’s dresser is to store outgrown clothes by size. We keep tubs in baby’s closet of clothes that are too small – each labeled in a size range. We are storing these for our next babies and will be able to use tub to fill our rotating drawer system when the time comes. Read more on closet organization on my post: how to organize your nursery.

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