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7 Diaper Changing Essentials

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How to set up your diaper changing station and 7 diaper changing essentials. Tips and tricks from an experienced mom on stocking your diaper changing station.

Keeping certain items within reach while changing baby’s diaper will make your life so much easier! I didn’t think I needed a diaper changing/hygiene organizer, but I quickly learned I was wrong. Setting up a diaper changing station was one of the best things I did.

Besides the obvious, there are are a few other items that you will want to have when changing your baby’s diaper. Keeping these items organized in a caddy or storage bin on your diaper changing station will ensure they are always there when you need them.

We definitely took the approach of “learn as you go” as first time parents when it came to setting up our diaper changing area. So much trial and error. If you want to be more prepared, consider adding these items to your baby registry. To learn how to set up your Amazon Baby Registry and a full list of registry must-haves Sign up for Amazon Prime (w 30-day FREE Trial)

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Diaper Changing Table

Delta Children’s Dresser

It’s important to have a safe place to change your baby’s diaper. This can be an actual diaper changing table, a dresser, an attachment on a pack n’ play, or simply a safe place on the floor or bed. We use the Delta Children’s Dresser as the place where we change our baby’s diaper – no need to get a separate diaper changing table if you don’t have the room!

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Diaper Changing Station Supplies

Diaper Changing Supply #1: Diapers

Of course, diapers are the #1 item for your diaper changing station! Try out a few different brands to see which diapers you like the best. This may even change as your baby grows.

My favorite tried and true diapers are Huggies Special Delivery because they are plant derived, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic! Huggies hold up the best to overnights and blow-outs and Huggies Special Delivery are all that, plus they are extra soft and made of cleaner ingredients.

Baby Diaper Supply #2: Wipes

Wipes are another thing you simply cannot live without for diaper changes! We love Non-Toxic Noleo Diaper Cleanser + Cotton Pads as our wipe alternative. Traditional wipes can be harsh on your baby’s sensitive skin and contain harsh chemicals. Noleo is made with just 5 ingredients, is hypoallergenic, and fragrance free. They are perfect for newborns, baby’s with eczema or sensitive skin, and parents who are looking for more natural and eco-friendly baby products.

Diaper Supply #3: Diaper Changing Pad

You will want a safe and comfy place to change your baby’s diaper. We use the Munchkin Diaper Changing Pad with Aiden and Anais 100% Cotton Changing Pad Covers. The pad has raised sides to help keep your baby from rolling over during diaper changes and the cover keeps the changing pad soft and warm while you change your baby (they also help with easy clean up!). I recommend keeping 3-5 changing pad covers on hand!

Diaper Supply #4: Diaper Cream

Another essential item for diapering is diaper cream or diaper paste. My favorite is the Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste from Tubby Todd Bath Co. (use this link for 10% off!). Their diaper cream is fragrance-free and made of clean, organic ingredients. Plus, it really works!

Diaper Changing Supply #5: Diaper Cream Brush

You will want a diaper cream brush to go along with the diaper cream for your baby. We love the BabyBum Brush and i’ve found that it is an extremely underrated baby product.

The BabyBum Brush is a small silicone spatula that is meant for spreading diaper cream on baby’s bottom. This is such a great invention! It keeps your hands clean, yet is also very maneuverable and easy to use. The diaper cream spreads on very easily and it is easy to clean; simply wipe the brush into the diaper or use a wet wipe.

Diaper Changing Supply #6: Moisturizer

Your baby’s skin is especially sensitive and needs to stay hydrated, especially after bathing. You will want to keep baby lotion and cream near by and apply it after every bath (or daily even if they don’t take a bath). My favorites are the All Over Ointment and Everyday Lotion from Tubby Todd Bath Co. (use this link for 10% off!). The all over ointment in particular is the only lotion or cream that has worked on controlling my son’s eczema.

Diaper Changing Table Supply #7: Boogie Wipes

Boogie Wipes are a life saver for babies with stuffy or snotty noses. Babies often get stuffy from dry winter air, allergies, or just being sick. We keep these products close by all year long and find they are much better at removing snot than regular tissues.

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