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25 Must Have Baby Products Under $25

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This is my list of the top useful baby products under $25. Must have baby products to add to your wishlist from an experienced mom!

There are so many baby products that I registered for as a first time mom.

Some bigger ticket items like the crib, nursery chair, and travel system are a bit pricey. But, not everything you get for your baby has to break the bank.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite baby products under $25. These are all things that I use and LOVE and that’s why I want to share them with you.

Most of these things you can add to your registry or you could plan to buy when your baby is a little bit older.

*Please note, prices may change due to availability or other circumstances. At the time this post was written all products were under $25. If you find something that is no longer less than $25 please let me know!

Baby Products Under $25

1)BabyBum Brush // This is one of my favorite baby products ever! No more gross fingers covered in diaper cream.

2) Babyfood Pouch Caps // These are awesome for babies who can eat out of a pouch (for us 9+ months). They keep the pouch from squeezing out all over and also have a lid for saving for later.

3) Wipe Dispenser // Also one of my favorite and most use product from my registry. You may not think you need this… but you actually do! One handed wipe dispensing!

4) Bottle Warmer // Another awesome product that you will use multiple times per day. This was much faster than warming in a bowl of water and also much more consistent.

5) Self-feeding fork & spoon // Great for little hands, and babies that are learning to use utensils. Corbin is so close to being able to poke with a fork because of this amazing set!

6) Car Seat/Nursing Cover // We use this all the time to keep Corbin covered when going out in the elements (wind, rain, snow, cold). It also functions as a nursing cover, blanket and shopping cart cover.

7) Halo Swaddle // Swaddles were a life saver in the early newborn days. Corbin napped and slept at night with a swaddle for the first 8-10 weeks. The halo swaddles are the best out there for babies who like to escape the swaddle.

8) Halo Sleep Sack // After moving out of the swaddle, these are a great wearable blanket. We use cotton in the summer and fleece in the winter.

9) Infantino Travel Spoons // Another great baby travel product! These were great after starting baby food, but before Corbin could eat directly out of the pouch. They come with a cute carrying case so they are easy to store in your diaper bag.

10) Nasal Aspirator // The NoseFrida is a little gross but such a great invention! When your baby is sick you will do almost anything to make them feel better, even this.

11) Bandana Bibs // Necessary for the first year of life! Bandana bibs are so cute and help with drool and milk spillage.

12) Portable bath tub // This is one of my favorite travel products! This deflates to practically nothing, but gives you a great option to bathe baby when you are traveling and no bath tub is available (or you don’t want to use the hotels’)

13) Bottle Drying Rack // I didn’t discover this until Corbin was about 9 months old, but the Boon Grass drying rack is my absolute favorite. And its so cute!

14) Portable highchair // Great for eating on the go or having some where to set your baby once they are able to sit supported.

15) Pacifier clips // If your baby uses a pacifier these are so awesome for life on the go. Pacifier clips are also useful to secure toys when you are in the car or eating out!

16) Dishwasher basket // We seriously use this every single day, or at least every time we run the dishwasher. It makes washing small parts like bottle nipples or sippy cup lids so easy.

17) Formula Dispenser // We always bring this when are are out and about and also keep one in Corbin’s room for late night feedings. Just keep pre-measured bottles with water and add the pre-measured formula.

18) Silicone Bibs // Silicone bibs are waterproof and are the best for when your baby starts eating solids. There is a scoop in the bottom to catch all the falling food.

19) MediFrida // This makes it SO easy to dispense mediation to your baby. Its like a pacifier but there is a whole for a syringe to insert the medicine. Your baby hardly knows what is going on.

20) Bath Toy Storage // Once your baby is sitting up and more interested in bath toys, storage is essential!

21) Activity Gym // There are some more expensive ones out there, but have found that simple is best. We have a lot of other toys that have clips and rotated them in and out of our simple activity gym.

22) Silicone Placemats // Silicone suction placemats are a life saver. No more food thrown on the floor (or at least not as much!).

23) Portable Changing Mat // This is so easy to keep in your diaper bag. We use this for impromptu diaper changes in the trunk or lay it on top of the changing table in public bathrooms.

24) Baby Food Maker // I love making my own baby food. This gadget makes it so incredibly easy to fill pouches. Its hard to find an excuse not to use it!

25) Tummy Time Pillow // Corbin hated tummy time! This pillow is so helpful for entertaining baby during developmental tummy time play.

Rohm Sound Machine // this often goes on sale under $25 so I thought I would still share. I would deem this one of my absolutely necessary baby products! We bring this wherever we travel and even send one to daycare.

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