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50 Short Rustic Baby Boy Middle Names

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A list of unique and rustic middle names for baby boys. Short, one-syllable baby boy middle names that are both rustic and charming.

Choosing a name for your baby is serious work! A name is something that will stick with them for life. When we were naming both of my boys we wanted short middle names that were rustic and unique, but also charming and not so far out there.

Rustic baby boy names are becoming ever more popular. Some of the top baby boy names in recent years include Asher, Wyatt, Levi, and Axel. All of which are rustic and western sounding.

We love rustic sounding names, but didn’t want to use something that was extremely popular or trendy. Don’t get me wrong, many of these names are cute! Just not for us.

If you are looking for unique, short and sweet, one-syllable names for baby boys, you have come to the right place! I have compiled a list of my favorite rustic one-syllable baby boy middle names. We considered these when naming both of my boys so I wanted to share them with you today.

These names are unique, rustic, western, and charming. Many are related to the wilderness, forest, or sound like they are out of an old western movie.

With both of my boys, one syllable middle names seemed to work best with their first names. But, these of course can also be used as first names too!

Short Rustic Middle Name Ideas

Ash – English name referring to an ash tree.

Axe – Scandinavian name meaning “father of peace”.

Beck – English name meaning “stream”.

Bear – English name referring to strong like a bear.

Beau – French name meaning “handsome”.

Birch – English name referring to a Birch tree.

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Bo – Scandinavian name mean “to live”.

Boone – English name meaning a “blessing”.

Brock – Old English name meaning “badger”.

Brooks – Old English name meaning “stream”.

Buck – Old English name meaning “deer”.

Cal – Hebrew name meaning “devotion”.

Cash – English/Latin name meaning “hollow”.

Cliff – Old English name referring to a cliff side-slope.

Colt – English word referring to a young horse.

Crew – Latin name meaning “chariot”.

Dale – Old English name meaning “valley”.

Duke – English name referring to one of royalty.

Elm – Old English name meaning “red” or “brown”.

Fields – English name referring to an open meadow.

Finn – Gaelic meaning referring to someone from Finland.

Flint – Old English name meaning “stream”.

Flynn – Irish name referring to the descendants of a red-head.

Fort – French name meaning “strong”.

Grant – English name meaning “great”.

Hawk – Old English name referring to a bird of prey.

Hayes – English name meaning “hedge”.

Hitch – English origin referring to a trailer hitch.

Holt – Old English name meaning “forest”.

Huck – American origin.

Jace – Hebrew name meaning “Lord”.

Jed – Hebrew name meaning “friend of the Lord”.

Knox – Scottish name meaning “hill”.

Leaf – Scandinavian name meaning “heir”.

Nash – Middle English name meaning “by the ash tree”.

Oak – Old english referring to an oak tree.

Park – English name meaning “of the forest.

Pine – English name referring to a pine tree.

Reed – Old english name meaning “red”.

Rhett – English name meaning “advice”.

Rhodes – Greek name meaning “rose garden”.

Riggs – Old English name referring to someone who lived on a ridge.

Spruce – English name referring to a spruce tree.

Tate – English name meaning “cheerful”.

Tripp – American name referring to someone who is third.

Tuck – Old English name meaning “garment maker”.

Woods – English name meaning “forest”.

Wren – English name referring to a small bird.

Zane – Hebrew name meaning “gracious”.

Zeke – Hebrew name meaning “God strengthens”.

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50 Rustic & Short Baby Boy Middle Names

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