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32 Unique Rustic Baby Boy Names

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A list of unique, rustic baby boy names. These charming names have a taste of country, but are also masculine and charming.

Choosing a name for your baby boy can be daunting. Their name is something that will stick with them for life.

We love rustic baby boys names that sound a little unique, but aren’t to out there and aren’t too popular. With my own children it took us nearly the whole pregnancy to choose a name for them. In fact, my first born didn’t have a name until the day he was born.

One thing that is important to me is that the name sounds appropriate for a baby, but also a respected adult. You want a name that will grow with your child into adulthood.

I’ve put together a list of all our favorite unique & rustic baby boy names. These were all names we considered for both of our boys. These could be great as a first name or middle name!

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List of Unique Rustic Baby Boy Names

Atlas – Greek name meaning “to carry”

Austin – English name meaning “magic dignity”

Axel – Scandinavian name and anagram of “Alex”

Birch – English name relating to a birch tree

Cade – Old English name meaning “barrel”

Cash – English name meaning “hallow”

Colton – Old English name derived from “col (charcoal)”

Corbin – English name relating to a crow or raven

Everett – English name meaning “wild boar”

Finn – Irish name meaning “fair”

Fisher – English name referring to someone who catches fish

Hendrix – German & Dutch name meaning “ruler or power”

Hunter – English name referring to someone who hunts

Knox – Scottish name referring to someone who lives on a hill

Lachlan – Scottish name meaning “warlike”

Lincoln – English name meaning “town by the pool”

Lockett – English name derived from “Lucas”

Oakley – English name meaning “oak”

Palmer – English name meaning “pilgrim”

Porter – Old French name meaning “gatekeeper”

Preston – English name meaning “the priest’s village”

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Rawlings – Medieval English name meaning “wolf of fame”

Rhodes – English name referring to a clearing in the woods

Rowan – Irish name meaning “redhead”

Summit – English name referring to a peak or apex

Sutton – English name referring to a southern farm

Titus – Latin name meaning “title of honor”

Thatcher – English name meaning “roof maker”

Tripp – English name meaning someone who is third

Truman – English name meaning “faithful man”

Wade – English name meaning “to go”

Wyatt – Medieval English name meaning “war”

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