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Haakaa Breast Pump Review – Why Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs One

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A review of the Haakaa breast pump. My personal experience and why I recommend the Haakaa silicone manual breast pump to all breastfeeding moms.

Whether you are new to breastfeeding or are a breastfeeding pro, the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump is for you!

With my first baby I didn’t have the Haakaa and looking back I’m so sad I didn’t try it out. I had heard about it from other mamas but didn’t have an “oversupply” of breastmilk, so I didn’t think the Haakaa would work for me.

Fast forward to my second baby and second time breastfeeding and I still don’t have an “oversupply”, but I decided to give the Haakaa a try.

The Haakaa is a fairly cheap manual breast pump, especially compared to double electric breast pumps, so I decided there wasn’t much to lose. After a few weeks of using the Haakaa, I’m in love!

What is the Haakaa?

The Haakaa breast pump is a “manual” silicone breast pump. Don’t be fooled, though, there really isn’t any manual pumping involved.

The Haakaa is a single piece of silicone and has two main components; the flange or cone shaped top that attaches to your breast and the cup shaped base that catches your milk. The newest version of the Haakaa also has a suction base and flower stopper that help to avoid spilling.

Although its called a pump, the Haakaa is really more of a passive milk catcher. By securing the Haakaa on your breast opposite of your baby nursing, it provides a gentle suction and is able to catch your ‘let down’ and collect the milk for later use.

Does the Haakaa Replace a Breast Pump?

It depends! The haakaa isn’t an actual pump that draws milk from your breast via a pumping motion. You will likely need to stimulate a let down via your baby nursing on the other side in order to collect milk with the haakaa. However, if you are very full you may be able to relieve some pressure or stimulate a let down with the suction alone.

Most women will be able to catch approximately 1-3 oz at a time with the haakaa (although this of course will vary). If you are only looking to have a little extra for your baby to make the occasional bottle or build up your stash over time, using the the haakaa silicone breast pump frequently can definitely replace a daily or occasional pump.

However, if you are looking to catch enough to fill multiple bottles per day, or if you are only able to catch a small amount per session, the haakaa will not replace pumping with a manual or electric pump.

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But What If I Don’t Normally Leak?

Even if you are a breastfeeding mama who doesn’t normally ‘leak’ from the opposite breast when breastfeeding, the Haakaa can still work for you! I promise!

I know because I am one of them. I have no leaking from the opposite breast when feeding my baby. But, when you attach the Haakaa to your breast it provides a gentle suction. This is stimulating enough to help me collect 1–1.5oz per feeding.

Does the Haakaa Pump Increase Milk Supply?

Yes, it can increase your milk supply. Breast milk supply is general based on demand. If you are drawing out more milk each feeding by using the haakaa breast pump, this will signal your body to produce more milk.

Most women will not notice a dramatic increase in supply, but in general based on the rule of supply vs demand using the haakaa breast pump frequently can help!

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How to Use the Haakaa?

To use the Haakaa, I normally latch my baby on first in the cradle hold position. I then secure the Haakaa to the other breast using my free hand on that side.

I prefer this method after much trial and error, but I am sure there are other mamas out there who like to do this in reverse order (attach the Haakaa first and then your baby).

To secure on the Haaka you simply squeeze the base to get some of the air out, bring it up to your breast (make sure to center you nipple) and then let go to create the suction.

You may need to readjust a few time to make sure it’s comfortable. I like to feel a secure tug, but you shouldn’t feel any pinching and it shouldn’t be painful. I like to make sure it feels tight though so that it won’t fall off midway through.

As your breast empties (just a little) you may need to readjust or re-do the suction on the Haakaa to make sure the suction is still secure.

It took a few uses to see what felt snug enough for me while still being comfortable. If you don’t normally leak when breastfeeding you may want a stronger suction to get the milk to start flowing.

Pro Tip: If you set the Haakaa down, set it in a shallow cup or mug. This will keep it from tipping over and spilling. Unfortunately, I am speaking from experience.

Will The Haakaa Steal Milk From My Baby?

The short answer is yes, it does remove some milk from your breast that won’t be available for baby.

However, if you are someone who leaks when breastfeeding this milk would be lost anyways. Even if you are not someone who normally leaks, in my experience there is still plenty of milk for your baby even when using the Haakaa.

Your body is constantly producing milk, even while breastfeeding. Also, I have noticed that using the Haakaa actually increased my breastmilk supply because of supply and demand; it signaled my body to produce more breastmilk since more was being removed at each feeding.

Because i’m not a person with a huge oversupply, I like to use the Haakaa for only the overnight feedings and the first 1-2 feedings of the day.

Its normal for your breastmilk supply to dip as the day goes on and I was noticing that the Haakaa wasn’t catching very much in the afternoon or evening anyways.

Haakaa Review

Shop the Haakaa Breast Pump on Amazon

Okay, so now you know what the Haakaa is and how it works, but I’m going to tell you my Haakaa review and four reasons why every breastfeeding mom needs one

Number 1: Its EASY – it allows you ‘pump’ breastmilk with VERY MINIMAL effort.

You don’t actually need to do any ‘pumping’ when using the Haakaa. You simply attach it to your breast and let the suction work its magic! When you breastfeed your other breast isn’t doing anything anyways, so why not put it to work!

Number 2: It requires no additional time

With the Haakaa, you are catching breastmilk while you are breastfeeding your baby. There is no need to set aside extra time in the day to pump.

Number 3: Clean up is easy.

There is only one piece to wash and its dishwasher safe! I like to store my Haakaa in the fridge in between uses since I only use it a few times per day. I then wash it after dinner while i’m doing the dishes so that its ready for our nighttime feed.

Number 4: Its affordable.

The Haakaa breast pump is very affordable compared to other breast pumps. It will also pay for itself quickly when you consider the price of formula.

Final Words

So there you have it! An unbiased Haakaa breast pump review by a real life breastfeeding mama. I am not a person with an ‘oversupply’ and the Haakaa still works for me! And I think it can work for you too!

Are you a new mama or preparing for a newborn? I just had a baby and want to share my tips with you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Haakaa Review
Why Every Breastfeeding Mama Needs a Haakaa

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