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Newborn Essentials for the First Month

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As a first time mom, I admittedly winged the newborn phase. I had read some tips on what to add to my baby registry and what I might need postpartum, but I don’t think I was truly prepared for what caring for a newborn would entail. My second and third time around I knew a little better what to expect and what newborn essentials to have in order to prepare for those joyful, yet sleepless days.

In hindsight, the newborn phase is fairly short, but when you’re in the thick of it it can feels like years as the days all blur together. Its rough but also an amazing time to bond with your new baby.

I’ve compiled this list to show all the newborn essentials I’ve used during the first month with all of our babies. Whether you are a first time mom preparing for the newborn phase, or a more seasoned mom, you can use this list to plan for your new arrival!

You’ll Want to Add These to your Baby Registry

If you don’t have one already, you will definitely want to create a baby registry to add all of these must-have items! Use your baby registry as a wish-list to send to friends and family or at the very least use it as a checklist of things to by yourself (and don’t forget about the discount coupon you get at the end!)

I love the Amazon Baby Registry! There are so many benefits like extended returns and as mentioned above, a discount coupon you can use to buy the remaining registry items a few weeks before your due date.

Sign up for Amazon Baby Registry here

Many of the links below are links to Amazon so that you can add these items directly to your registry.

Newborn Must-Haves

Babies, newborns especially, basically do three things for their first few months of life; eat, sleep, and well… poop! The below newborn must-haves are divided up as such, with an extra category for some additional favorite newborn items.

This list is specifically geared towards things you will want to use for your baby as a newborn. But if you are a pregnant mama looking towards the future or a newly postpartum mom, you might also find these related posts helpful:

Newborn Sleep Essentials

Did you know that most newborns sleep for 15-19 hours per day? Make sure you are prepared for your sleepy baby by having these safe-sleep must-haves.

  1. Delta Crib or Halo Bassinet – The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents follow the ABC’s of sleep and place their baby to sleep Alone, on their Backs, on a flat and firm surface like a Crib or bassinet. We have always used a crib from day 1 and it works great for our babies! Keep your baby alone in the crib and don’t add bumpers, blankets, or stuffed animals.
  1. Solly Crib Sheets (pictured below) – if you do choose a crib, you will want a fitted crib sheet to protect the mattress and keep your baby comfy. We love these Solly Baby crib sheets because they are super soft and stretchy and fit perfectly on our crib mattress!
Baby in crib wearing newborn gown.

Pictured above is our favorite sleep gown for newborns (its sooooo soft!) – Solly Sleep Gown

  1. SwaddleMe Velcro Swaddles – We love these velcro swaddles! They keep baby much more secure than standard swaddle blankets and won’t come loose. Many newborns feel more secure and sleep better being swaddled since it mimics the womb. If your baby is a master at escaping the swaddle we also love the Halo Velcro Swaddles.
  1. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine – A sound machine can also help comfort newborns because it mimics the loud sounds in the womb. We love the Hatch Baby Rest because you can control it from your phone and it also grows with your baby and serves as a night light (also perfect for nighttime feeds) and okay-to-wake clock.

Newborn Feeding Essentials

Another thing that newborns do a lot of is eat! Feeding your newborn can be seriously stressful business.

There is no wrong way to feed your baby! Many moms plan to breastfeed, but others also know they want to formula feed from the beginning.

Some also may have a plan on breastfeeding, but have to switch to formula, pumping, or combo feeding early on. I always recommend to buy a few bottles and feeding supplies so you are prepared to feed your baby by whatever means.

Here are some of my must-have baby feeding supplies especially for newborns.

  1. Boppy Nursing Pillow – Most mamas prefer to use a nursing pillow to help with nursing positioning, especially during the newborn phase. You will definitely want a few extra pillow covers because nursing can get messy!
  1. Haakaa Silicone Breastpump – I love using my haakaa while breastfeeding to collect extra milk and start a little freezer stash. It can also help boost your supply if needed! *Use with caution if you are prone to oversupply*

For more nursing supplies, check out my Postpartum Supplies post.

  1. Muslin Burp Cloths – Newborns spit up a lot! You will want to have plenty of burp cloths on-hand. We kept these in every room of the house and the diaper bag.
  1. ComoTomo Bottles – our favorite bottles made of silicone instead of plastic!
  1. Phillip Avent Bottle Warmer – a bottle warmer is a must-have for us. We have had one with every one of our kids and use it regularly. It’s so much faster than a bowl of warm water and safer than using the microwave.
  1. EZPZ Drying Rack – this is so helpful for washing all those bottles and/or pump parts. We have tried a few and the EZPZ drying rack is our favorite! It’s also great for toddler cups and plates once your baby gets older.
EZPZ dish rack

Newborn Diaper Essentials

  1. Diapers – our favorite tried and true brands are Huggies Special Delivery & Healthy Baby (the first EWG verified diaper brand and soooo soft!).
  1. Water Wipes – Water wipes are great for sensitive newborn skin and work well to clean up messes.
  1. Diaper Changing Pad – you will want a safe place to change your baby’s diaper and a diaper changing pad can help keep your baby contained and comfy. (Don’t forget diaper changing pad covers: we use these!)
  1. Tubby Todd Diaper Paste – (use this link for 10% off!) we love Tubby Todd products and trust the natural ingredients in their diaper paste for our newborns through todderhood.

Other Newborn Essentials

Mom baby wearing with Solly Wrap
  1. Solly Baby Wrap – I love baby wraps for the newborn stage! It allows you to have your hands free and also gives your baby a safe place to hang out or have a nap.
  1. Evenflo LightMax Carseat – a carseat is a must-have to safely transport your baby in the car. We use this one with our single-to-double stroller.
  1. Sleepers – my babies live in sleepers (or footie pajamas) for their first few months of life. For newborns sleepers must have zippers (instead of snaps) and mitts that can cover their hands to keep them from scratching. Our favorites are Little Sleepies Sleepers & these Amazon Sleepers.
  1. Baby Nail Clippers – You will want to trim or file your baby’s nails in the first few weeks. Having baby nail clippers or a baby nail file can make this daunting task a little easier.
  1. Summer Baby Rocker Seat – a baby seat can be a great place to set your baby down while you get ready or do things around the house. We really like this one because it folds down for storage and is easy to clean.
  1. Mam Pacifiers – (We have found that the Mam brand pacifiers are easiest for babies to hold in their mouth). Most newborns are comforted by sucking and will instantly soothe with a pacifier. Some babies won’t take them and some parents choose not to offer them, but they can come in handy for a fussy baby!

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