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Amazon Baby Registry Review

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My Amazon Baby Registry Review. 10 reasons why you need an Amazon Baby Registry. Tips and hacks for setting up your Amazon Baby Registry and how to get the most out of your registry experience!

Amazon Baby Registry is my new FAVORITE baby registry out there! You can also ready about why I love Target’s baby registry here.

Ever since I had my first baby in July 2018, I have basically become addicted to Amazon.

Millions of products delivered to my door, sometimes as quickly as next day! For a pregnant lady or a busy mama, this kind of service is invaluable.

This time around, I decided to make an Amazon Baby Registry for our second baby. If you are expecting, you can make one too! Follow the link below, it is so quick and easy to sign up!

Click Here To Create your Amazon Baby Registry

Keep reading to see my full Amazon Baby Registry review. Reason #10 is the best!!!

Amazon Baby Registry Review

When to start your Baby Registry?

There really is no right or wrong time to start your baby registry.

You can start one the day you find out you are pregnant or even after your baby is born.

Your registry is a place to track and manage everything you may need for your new baby.

Consider your Baby Shower Date

One tip is to consider if you will be having a baby shower. It is helpful to have your registry done a few weeks before your shower date in order to give guests enough time to order items, receive, and wrap them.

Most people have their baby shower in the third trimester between 30-36 weeks. If this is your timeline, consider having your baby registry finalized by the start of your third trimester (27-28 weeks).

This means you should start your baby registry even earlier than this so you have time to research products and decide exactly what you want to add to your registry.

I was lucky enough to be thrown a baby shower around 26 weeks with my first born. So I started my baby registry fairly early on in the pregnancy to make sure it was set by about the time I was 23 weeks along.

With my second, I didn’t have a shower because they were so close together and both boys.

I created a baby registry to help myself track what baby products I needed and wanted and also for some of the perks!

I started a little later in my pregnancy, around 25 weeks, and kept adding and purchasing items right until my son was born.

10 Reason Why You Need An Amazon Baby Registry

1) You Can Add Products From Anywhere

Lets be real. You can buy almost anything on Amazon!

This includes everything you could possibly think of for your baby and all your favorite brands.

Unlike a baby registry to a particular store, you can most likely get all those brands and products on Amazon, plus some!

Amazon also allows you to add products from ANY website to create a universal registry. So you can easily track and manage your baby wish list and have a single source to direct your friends and family who want to buy a gift!

I also recommend adding some products for your pregnancy and postpartum. Some guests want to buy something for mom and baby when buying a gift!

2) Amazon Prime

I was already a member of Amazon prime before creating my baby registry. If you aren’t you can sign up for their 30-day free trial!

With Amazon prime you get unlimited free two-day shipping (on your registry items too), special prime member deals, and access to prime video (amongst many other perks).

When you pair Amazon prime with your baby registry you can unlock even more benefits!

3) Free Shipping

With Amazon Prime, you get free two day-shipping on almost all items! This means you can order yourself items from your registry if needed and have them to you in no time.

After your shower you can easily order all of the left over items that you did not receive as gifts.

Even if you are not a Prime member, you also get free shipping on most items if you spend $25 or more.

4) Free 90 day returns

You also get free extended returns (90 days) with your Amazon Baby Registry. This means you have quite a while to decide if you really want to keep something off your registry.

The extended returns is truly invaluable!

As a first time mom I changed my mind frequently before our son was born and even after he was born!

Sometimes when you order things online, they are not exactly as expected, so its great to have the option for free returns.

This can take so much stress off deciding what to add to your registry or what products you want for your new baby.

5) Free Welcome Box

As an Amazon Prime member you also get a free welcome box when you complete your baby registry.

Simply add all the items from their baby registry checklist to your baby registry and then order your free welcome box (don’t worry, you can remove them later if you want!).

I was SO impressed with our free welcome box that came in the mail.

It took about a week from the time I order it, until we received it. The products inside can vary, but ours came with a bottle, onesie, swaddle blanket, pacifiers, and diaper and wipe samples.

Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

This also lets you try new products and brands that you might not have registered for or ordered yourself.

6) Diaper Fund

The diaper fund is another great feature of the Amazon Baby Registry!

If your guest is not sure what to buy you they can easily contribute to a diaper fund.

They can pick the exact amount they want to contribute. When they view your baby registry the diaper fund is right on the top of the page and easy to access.

Babies, especially newborns, go through so many diapers! So having a diaper fund set up automatically is a great feature to help with newborn expenses.

8) Amazon Gift Card Option

Guests also have the opportunity to buy you Amazon gift cards right from your registry.

If they aren’t sure what to buy you or want to contribute a specific amount, this can be a great option.

The link for this is also placed right at the top of your baby registry for connivence.

9) Mobile App

Another perk of the Amazon baby registry is that you can easily access it directly from your Amazon app.

This means you can add items, review your registry, or even process returns on the go from anywhere!

Or – if you are like me and just prefer your phone – you can do everything to set up and manager your registry without even opening up your computer.

10) Registry Coupon

I saved the best for last! My favorite perk of the Amazon Baby Registry is the registry coupon.

Amazon will open up your registry coupon exactly 60 days before your due date. The coupon is for 10% off any eligible items added to your registry. Even better, Amazon Prime members get 15% off!

Almost anything can be added to your registry and will qualify for the discount.

For example, my first son needed some new pajamas so I added them to the registry before checking out and the discount was applied.

You do have to plan ahead and add the items to your registry and buy them in one order, but the extra 15% off is AMAZING!

The coupon is good for two orders up to $2000 each, which means you can save up to $600.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Amazon Baby Registry Review!

Click Here To Create your Amazon Baby Registry

Why You Need An Amazon Baby Registry

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