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An honest Baby Buddha breast pump review from a pumping mom of three. Pros of the Baby Buddha, frequently asked questions, and how you can get your own Baby Buddha breast pump.

Whether you are looking for a full review of the Baby Buddha or just have a few specific questions, this post can help! As a mom of three, I have tried a lot of breast pumps and am sharing my honest review of the Baby Buddha Breast Pump. Want the bottom line? I highly recommend it and below i’ll share why.

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Please note, this post mentions a gifted product, however all of thoughts and opinions are my own.

Pros of the Baby Buddha Breast Pump

There are many things to love about the Baby Buddha pump. It’s a great pump that get’s the job done quickly and efficiently. I have been testing this pump for a few weeks now and am very happy with it! Here are some of my pros for the Baby Buddha:

  • Very powerful pull and great suction
  • Lightweight
  • Small and compact
  • Portable and runs on battery power
  • Sleek digital interface
  • Few pieces that are easy to clean
  • Multiple sized flanges with massage cushion inserts
  • Relatively quiet
  • Stimulation and expression mode options
  • 7 levels of suction
  • Ability to double or single pump
  • Closed system for safety

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Wearing Baby Buddha breast pump

Is Baby Buddha a Good Pump?

Yes, the Baby Buddha is a good (great!) pump. It is strong, lightweight, small and compact, and is super portable! There are many “pros” of this pump (mentioned above) and I highly recommend it.

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Is Baby Buddha a Closed System?

Yes, the Baby Buddha pump is a closed system. This is the safest type of pump and prevents the milk from being contaminated or flowing back into your pump and damaging it.

How Long does the Baby Buddha Battery Last?

The Baby Buddha website states that the battery should last up to one hour on one charge. For me it lasts a little bit longer than that, but I do most frequently pump on level 1. This seems to be a trade off for the relatively small size and high suction output.

Can You Use Baby Buddha as a Single Pump?

Yes! You can use the Baby Buddha pump as a single or double pump. Use the included single tube to single pump or the included branch tube to double pump.

Is the Baby Buddha Pump Quiet?

The Baby Buddha pump is fairly quiet. It’s not the quietest pump i’ve used but it is not the loudest by any means.

Can the Baby Buddha Help Build Breastmilk Supply?

Milk supply is based on supply and demand. Any pumping has the potential to increase supply if you remove more and more milk your body will work to create more. T

The Baby Buddha has a strong suction that mimics baby’s suck and has the potential to increase breastmilk supply in some women. A well-fitting flange is key to removing milk effectively and increasing supply.

Sitting on bed with Baby Buddha Breast Pump

Is the Baby Buddha Suction Too Strong?

Some moms find that the strong suction of the Baby Buddha is TOO strong. I was nervous to try this pump because of this stigma, but was pleasantly surprised that the suction was just right. I prefer lower levels of suction and still feel that the lower levels of the Baby Buddha are comfortable. If you prefer a strong pull, this pump will definitely impress you.

How Often Should You Change Baby Buddha Parts?

Baby Buddha recommends that the silicone diaphragms be replaced every 8 weeks, the duckbills should be replaced every 4 weeks, and the tubing should be replaced every 6-12 months.

Baby Buddha Opportunities for Improvement

At the end of the day, I do love and recommend the Baby Buddha pump, but I also recognize it might not be for everyone. After using this pump for a few weeks here are my few minor opportunities for improvement:

  • Flange size only goes down to 21mm. The majority of women need a size smaller than this, including myself, but this is easily resolved by using flange inserts or different compatable flanges.
  • This pump is louder than other ones I have tried, but it is likely due to the strong suction.
  • This pump is strong! While it is a pro for many, some women may prefer a lighter suction.
  • The battery life leaves some things to be desired. I would estimate it lasts about 2-3 x 30 min pumps.

Where Can You Buy Baby Buddha Pump?

The best place to buy the Baby Buddha Pump is directly from their website (click here to shop). They often have sales and is an easy place to find all of the appropriate accessories. They also have great customer service and can help with flange sizing as well.

Baby Buddha Website

Baby Buddha on Amazon

Baby Buddha at Target

Baby Buddha at Walmart

Is the Baby Buddha Covered by Insurance?

Yes! It will depend on your particular insurance and plan, but many insurance companies do cover the Baby Buddha pump. Baby Buddha makes it easy and has their own form to help you get their pump through your insurance: Baby Buddha Insurance Form.

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