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Easy Toddler Meal Ideas: 21 Meals for the Week

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What my toddler are eating! 21 family-friendly and easy toddler meal ideas for the week including 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 7 dinners.

If you’re stuck in a rut with feeding your toddler, start here for a whole week’s worth of food to help feed your toddler (and the whole family). I’m sharing 7 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners based what my toddlers are actually eating.

Although I don’t touch on it, my toddlers also eat 1-2 snacks per day. You can read more about our snack ideas here >>> 10 Toddler Snack Ideas

Meal time doesn’t have to be difficult! Try these 21 no frills, mom and toddler approved toddler meal ideas from a mom of two toddlers.

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Toddler Breakfast Ideas

Toddler Breakfast #1: Pumpkin Pancakes

Try making smaller silver dollar pancakes that are perfectly toddler-sized! We loved this pumpkin pancake recipe from The Salty Marshmallow (I subbed coconut sugar for both brown and white sugar), but regular pancakes work too. Side of whole milk vanilla greek yogurt and slightly thawed frozen blueberries.

Plate: Pillowfort 7.3″ Divider Plate

Toddler Breakfast #2: Waffle Dippers Snack Plate

Make waffles fun by serving them as finger foods and/or in a snack plate. Here we had waffles with pure maple syrup, raisins, egg and spinach scramble, bacon, and laughing cow cheese.

Plate: EZPZ Mini Play Mat

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Easy Toddler Breakfast #3: Yogurt Bowl

Choose whole milk yogurt (we like greek yogurt) and top with your toddler’s favorite fruits and seeds. Here we had sliced peaches, bananas, and chia seeds. Other fun toppings are kiwi, berries, hemp seeds, and sprinkles.

Bowl: Pillowfort 15.5oz Plastic Bowl

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Toddler Breakfast Idea #4: Strawberry Cocoa Oatmeal

Oats are full of fiber and other nutrients to help your toddler grow! My boys love cocoa oatmeal with strawberries. To make this cook 1/2 cup oats in water until they are your desired consistency, stir in 1-2 tsp of cocoa, strawberries, 1 Tbsp maple syrup, and 1 Tbsp chia seeds.

Suction bowl: EZPZ Happy Bowl

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Easy Toddler Breakfast #5: Bagel with Cream Cheese

We love Dave’s Killer Bagels for their clean ingredients and added protein. I like to lightly toast bagels for my toddlers so they are easier for them to eat. Top with cream cheese and serve with sides of fruit like grapes (the OXO Grape Cutter is a game changer) and apple sauce.

Plate: Pillowfort 7.3″ Divider Plate

Toddler Breakfast #6: Broccoli Eggs & Cheese

Scrambled eggs are a great place to add in veggies! Try a little bit of chopped broccoli and then stir in cheese. Side of Amara Organic Smoothie Melts to keep this plate fun! We love that they are organic and made with no added sugar and real food ingredients (mom win!).

Toddler Breakfast Idea #7: Cereal and Milk

Don’t sleep on this super easy breakfast idea! Make it fun by letting your toddler choose their own cereal (from choices you already have or let them choose at the store) and then pour their own milk.

Suction bowl: EZPZ Happy Bowl

Cup: EZPZ Mini Cup

Spoon: Constructive Eating

Toddler Lunch Ideas for the Week

Toddler Lunch Idea #1: Avocado Toast

Toast with smushed avocado spread on top is a perfectly easy and nutritious lunch! Side of yogurt (we love Stonyfield Kids), strawberries, and Annie’s Homegrown brand cookies.

Plate: Pillowfort 7.3″ Divider Plate

Easy Toddler Lunch Idea #2: Baked Beans

Baked beans are a great source of protein and fiber! Side of whole milk string cheese (cut in half again for young toddlers) and strawberries.

Plate: Pillowfort 7.3″ Divider Plate

Easy Toddler Meal #3: Sweet Potato “Mac” & Cheese

Instead of noodles, try this Green Giant Sweet Potato Rotini in the freezer section (its just sweet potatoes!). For a super easy meal you can stir with laughing cow cheese or make a quick cheese sauce roux. Side of watermelon and peas.

Plate: Pillowfort 7.3″ Divider Plate

Toddler Lunch #4: Mac & Cheese Snack Plate

Everything’s more fun as a snack plate! We love Annie’s Homegrown Mac & Cheese and I always stir in frozen veggies like peas and carrots. Side of shredded carrots, fruit snacks, avocado, thawed frozen mango, and goldfish.

Plate: EZPZ Mini Play Mat

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Toddler Lunch Idea #5: Sweet Potato Tots

Try our favorite Alexia Sweet Potato Tots served with whole milk vanilla greek yogurt for dipping. Side of rice cake with peanut butter and blueberries (halve or squish for young toddlers).

Plate: Pillowfort 7.3″ Divider Plate

Easy Toddler Lunch #6: Cheese and Crackers

A simple but nutritious and filling lunch idea! Pair whole wheat crackers with cheese and serve with fun and healthy sides. Here we had plums, blueberries, and sweet peppers with cream cheese and ‘Everything But the Bagel’ seasoning. Also don’t be afraid of bold flavors; some toddlers will like spicy foods, curry, or seasonings like EBB.

Plate: Pillowfort 7.3″ Divider Plate

Toddler Lunch Idea #7: Graham Crackers with PB Snack Plate

Graham cracker sandwiches with peanut butter in the middle (or other nut butter or sun butter work too!). Side of diced mango, avocado, pinto beans with cheese, plums, and cheese.

Plate: EZPZ Mini Play Mat

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Toddler Dinner Ideas for the Week

Toddler Dinner #1: Egg Quesadilla

Like a breakfast burrito, but folded into a quesadilla instead! I’ve found this is a little easier for my toddlers to eat compared to a burrito or even breakfast tacos. Cook up your family’s favorite veggies like red pepper, onion, and spinach and then add scrambled eggs. We really like Tortilla Land Ready-to-Cook tortillas and serve with sides of diced sweet potatoes and avocado.

Toddler Dinner Idea #2: Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash is one our favorite dinners for the fall (or really anytime!). After cooking shred with a fork and then top with your favorite red sauce. Side of fresh mozzarella balls and breaded zucchini slices.

Easy Toddler Dinner #3: Burgers & Beans

We’ve been training the boys to eat hamburgers with a bun and they are finally getting it! If your toddler is younger or doesn’t like the bun, cutting up the burger or serving with ketchup to dip is fine too! Side of baked beans and plums.

Family-Friendly Toddler Dinner #4: Pizza

Pizza night is a favorite in our house! I normally get veggie loaded pizza or whatever my husband wants and the boys will eat that (we’ve always done this and I joke that I don’t even think they know that pizza comes without tons of toppings). Homemade Naan Bread Pizza is another one of our favorites! I like to pair pizza with healthy sides like mandarin oranges and avocado to make it a well-balanced meal.

Toddler Dinner Idea #5: Grilled Tomato & Cheese

If your toddler loves grilled cheese, try adding in other add ins like tomato or avocado. Or you can try mixing up the cheese; if you normally use cheddar, try provolone or mozarella. Side of watermelon cut into strips so its easier for toddlers to eat.

Toddler Dinner Idea #6: Chicken Sausage

Chicken sausage grilled on the grill and then cut into half moons (round sausages and hot dogs can be a choking hazard). Side of roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes. This could also be made into an easy one pan sheet pan meal!

Family-friendly Toddler Dinner #7: Black Bean & Cheese Quesadillas

Mexican is a staple at our house and we love making these super easy black bean and cheese quesadillas. Cook black beans with cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, lemon juice, sea salt, and water until tender and then mash. We love using Tortilla Land Ready-to-Cook tortillas and serve with sides of black olives, avocado, and sour cream for dipping.

21 Easy Toddler Meal Ideas Summary

Here is a breakdown of our 21 easy toddler meal ideas to help get you through the week (7 meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner):

  1. Pumpkin pancakes
  2. Waffle dipper snack plate
  3. Yogurt bowl
  4. Strawberry cocoa oatmeal
  5. Bagel with cream cheese
  6. Broccoli eggs & cheese
  7. Cereal with milk
  8. Avocado toast
  9. Baked beans
  10. Sweet potato “mac” & cheese
  11. Mac & cheese snack plate
  12. Sweet potato tots
  13. Cheese & crackers
  14. Graham crackers & pb snack plate
  15. Egg quesadilla
  16. Spaghetti squash
  17. Burgers & beans
  18. Pizza
  19. Grilled tomato & cheese
  20. Chicken sausage
  21. Black bean & cheese quesadilla

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