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Target Baby Registry Review

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A review of the Target Baby Registry. My experience with Target baby registry and tips and tricks to make it worth it!

With my first pregnancy, the only baby registry I made was the Target Baby Registry and I have no regrets! I have heard of other great ones out there (Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, ect.), but wanted the convenience of returning items to a physical store and also don’t have any baby stores in my town.

Overall, I was very satisfied with Target and the Target Registry. I want to share my experience so others can learn and become more familiar with the registry.

What is my favorite product off my Target Baby Registry? Definitely the Baby Bum Brush!

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Pros of Target Baby Registry

1. Target Registry App

Having an app right on my phone was one of my favorite features of the Target Baby Registry. Lots of late-night browsing and adding things to my registry from the comfort of my own bed.

This also made adding items in store very simple! I was able to scan the barcode with my phone’s camera and have the item added to my registry instantly.

2. Coupon for 15% Off Remaining Registry Items 

This is probably the biggest benefit of the Target Baby Registry! However, this coupon is not available until 60 days before your due date.

Once you receive the coupon it is good for a long time (mine didn’t expire for 8 full months), but you can only use it once; one time in store and one time online and it MUST be used on the same day.

You must add all the items to your registry in order to receive the discount, but you can add them right up to the last minute both in store and online. I was literally scanning items as I added them to the checkout line and had no issues at all.

Also, you can add non-baby items and get the discount on these things as well!

3. Extra 5% off with the REDcard and Free Shipping 

To maximize your 15% registry coupon, you can get an extra 5% off by using your Target REDcard! I have the Target REDcard Debit Card and couldn’t recommend it enough.

Along with the 5% off you can also get free shipping by using your Target REDcard. Read more about my experience with the Target REDcard here: Tips for Shopping Baby Products at Target

4. Easy Returns

Another awesome feature of the Target Baby Registry is the ability to track who purchased certain items from your registry. This is very helpful when writing thank you notes.

This also makes it very easy to return gifts purchased off your registry. Simply pull up your Target Registry app at the store and these should be an option to create a barcode. Customer service can use this bar code as your receipt for easy returns.

Also, you are able to return your registry items for up to 1 year!

5. Free Welcome Bag

Simply walk up to the customer service counter at Target and say you have a baby registry to get your free welcome bag. Mine came with a Dr. Brown’s bottle, multiple pacifiers, baby soap samples, and multiple coupons. There was even a buy-one-get-one free Starbucks beverage!

I have heard that some stores run out of them and don’t restock very frequently so you may want to check different stores if you are able to.

Con of Target Baby Registry


The only Con of this registry that comes to mind is the limited selection.The selection of brands at Target is a little less than some of the other baby stores or Amazon.

Overall, I was very happy with the selection and didn’t really think it was an issue. But, if you are looking for particular brands or a wide selection of brands, it may not be for you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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