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A list of the best baby shoes for early walkers; what shoes should early walkers wear and our favorites for cute baby shoes.

Most experts agree that barefoot is best for babies learning to pull up, stand, and walk. But when shoes are necessary, what kind of shoes should your baby wear? This post can help you find the cutest shoes perfect for babies practicing and mastering those early walking skills.

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What shoes should early walkers wear?

The best baby shoes for early walkers are ones that are soft and flexible.

Your baby’s feet are still developing and are made up of mostly cartilage. This cartilage hardens and becomes bone as your baby grows. Their feet are not entirely formed until the age of 18! That’s why its incredibly important to get your baby proper shoes designed specifically for early walkers.

Click here to learn more about healthy foot development.

What are soft sole baby shoes?

Soft sole baby shoes are fully flexible shoes made with soft, flexible soles. These are the best types of shoes to allow for ample movement and foot flexion for proper foot development for babies and toddlers.

Some of our favorite soft-sole baby shoes are from Jack & Lily (Get 50% off your first order with JL50). Their shoes are incredibly cute, soft, and excellent quality.

8 cute baby shoes

Best Baby Shoes for Early Walkers

  1. Jack & Lily Moccasins – the most adorable moccasins that are actually good for your baby’s feed! These shoes are made of real suede and have soft soles.
  1. Jack & Lily Leigh Shoes – these shoes are made of vegan leather and include hook and loop closures for a snug and secure fit. They are also made with flexible soles and great for early walkers.
  1. Ten Little First Walkers – ultra light weight and shoes with a foot-shaped toe box and flexible soles that are perfect for your baby’s first steps.
  1. Jack & Lily Boots – equipped with Jack & Lily’s signature natural-flex sole, these boots are perfect to keep your little walker dry and cozy, while also providing the proper foot support.
  1. Ten Little Everyday Walkers – adorable shoes for early walkers that include a toe-shaped foot box and flexible soles. The perfect every day shoe for walking babies and toddlers!
  1. Stride Rite Jodie Sneaker – these cute leather shoes are made with flexible soles to help with balance and proper foot movement. We love the one strap design so they are especially easy for toddlers to take on and off!
  1. Robeez Everyday Eliza First Kicks – another cute option for everyday wear! These shoes are made with soft soles that bend and flex with every step to help support healthy foot development.
  1. Ro+Me by Robeez Baby Sneakers – the cutest shoes with a non-skid bottom for optimal grip and flexible soles to allow for better movement.

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