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10 Toddler Feeding Essentials

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A list of must-have toddler feeding products from an experienced mom. Best toddler feeding essentials for your young toddler!

When your baby starts eating solid foods – whether it be purees or actual foods – your world is forever changed!

Especially once your baby drops bottles and is getting all of their nutrition through foods (starting around 1 year old).

We did a combo weaning approach with purees (starting around 4 months) and solid foods (starting around 6 months).

Through this process, there were so many great baby feeding products that we used out of both ease and necessity.

However, my toddler is now 14 months old and is in the young toddler phase.

He no longer uses bottles or most of the baby feeding products we used previously for purees or formula feeding.

Since he has weaned, his appetite has increased substantially and he generally eats three meals and one snack per day (see our full schedule here).

He also drinks milk and lots of water throughout the day. As you can see with my list below, we LOVE straw sippy cups.

Having the right feeding products has made all of these meal and snack times so much easier!

So much so, that I wanted to share my list of toddler feeding essentials.

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10 Toddler Feeding Essentials

Feeding Products

1)Babyware Fork & Spoon Set // this is my FAVORITE toddler feeding essential for young eaters. The handles are so easy to grasp and great for learning how to use utensils. Corbin started with these around 10 months and still uses them at 14 months old. These are a must-have for babies and toddlers when they start eating solid food.

2) Silicone Placemat // great for keeping your table clean and also great for eating out. Its a sectioned plate and placemat in one and it sticks to the table or feeding surface! This makes clean up a breeze. They also rinse off in the sink and are dishwasher safe.

3) Silicone Bibs // I love that you can simply wipe these off and they don’t have to be washed in the washing machine! They also have a scoop to catch extra food. We use this at just about every meal. Great for keeping clothes clean and food off the floor!

4) Suction Bowls // these bowls are so great because they suction to the highchair/table and they also have matching lids to store extra food or snacks. These were also mentioned in my feeding essential guide for younger babies and we are still using them at 14 months. We use these bowls for yogurt, soup, and dips.

5) Weighted Straw Cup // we have tried A LOT of sippy cups and these are the best. Especially for younger babies learning how to drink out of straw cups. These cups don’t spill and I love that they have handles (in the smaller oz version)! The weight at the bottom means your toddler can drink at almost any angle.

6) Nuby Straw Cup // another one of my favorites are these nuby straw cups. These are a little harder to drink out of because your toddler has to bite down on the straw, but they are SO easy to clean. The contoured shape also makes them easy for little hands to hold. We use these for water and send to daycare.

7) Contingo Straw Tumbler // If you can’t tell, we love straw sippy cups and have tried a bunch. This one is great for babies who are a little older and also doesn’t spill! Corbin gets really excited when he see’s this one because it looks like a small adult cup. We normally use this one for milk.

8) Munchkin Silverware set / great for babies who have mastered the babyware silverware set. The fork and spoon are just the right size and shape for babies learning how to master utensils. They are a little longer and more adult-like than the Babyware silverware set that I also love.

9) Snack Catcher Bowl // Corbin loves these bowls. It did take him a few weeks to really figure it out, but they are great for keeping larger snacks from spilling (not great for small snacks like cereal). These hold up well in the dishwasher and are great for little hands.

10) Bumpkin Short-sleeve Bib // this bib is more full-coverage and great for self-feeding messy foods! This bib also wipes clean. We normally use this bib for foods like soup, yogurt, and dips.

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