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33 Easy Toddler Dinner Ideas (Family-Friendly)

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A list of 33 easy, healthy, and simple toddler meal ideas and toddler dinner ideas that your 1-3 year old toddler will love based on what my toddlers actually eat.

That daily question, “What on earth am I going to feed these tiny humans tonight?” can feel like a never-ending battle cry. I mean, between picky palates, meltdowns over mushy peas, and the constant negotiation session that plays out over every plate, dinnertime with toddlers can be pure, unadulterated chaos.

But I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Hi, I’m Jessica, a mom of three and face behind this blog! As a seasoned veteran of the toddler trenches (with three little munchkins of my own!), I’ve learned a few tricks to navigate the mealtime madness.

And guess what? They actually involve food that both my toddlers and the rest of the family gobble up without complaint (well, most of the time!).

So, whether you’re a first-time mom with a tiny tornado on your hands, or a seasoned pro looking for fresh inspiration, I’m here to share my secret weapon: a treasure trove of 33 easy, delicious, and surprisingly healthy dinner ideas that even the pickiest eaters will devour.

These aren’t your average Pinterest-perfect masterpieces, mind you, but real-life, kid-tested, mom-approved recipes that get the thumbs-up around our dinner table.

So buckle up, mamas, and get ready to say goodbye to mealtime meltdowns and hello to happy, full bellies all around. Now, let’s conquer this dinnertime thing together!

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Easy Veggie Ideas for Toddlers

I try to serve lots of veggies for dinner since its harder to get them into my toddler’s diets for breakfast or lunch.

Making veggies doesn’t have to be a challenge. I like to roast fresh veggies in the oven for about 12 minutes or until tender or buy frozen veggies and just microwave them for 30-90 second.

Here are some ideas for veggies to serve your young toddlers that we frequently have for dinner, although almost anything goes as long as its soft enough to not be a choking hazard (e.g, no raw carrots).

  • Peas
  • Cooked carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Squash
  • Corn
  • Peppers
  • Sweet potato
  • Tomato
  • Avocado
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Serenity Kids Pouches (lots of pouch options with meat and veggies)

33 Favorite Toddler Dinner Ideas

This post will share 33 easy toddler dinner ideas that are family friendly and toddler-approved.

For the majority of dinners, my toddlers eat what we eat. This has helped eliminate the stress of thinking of what to make them for dinner every night and also saves me from making two different dinners for our family. This saves time and money (and my sanity).

Below are 33 easy toddler meal ideas and toddler dinner ideas based on what my toddlers actually eat for dinner.

Toddler Dinner 1

Toddler Dinner Idea #1

  1. Deconstructed Cobb Salad: a fun way to serve a variety of food at dinner. If your toddler isn’t into salad, try a deconstructed version without the lettuce: Turkey, avocado, bacon, eggs, tomato, fresh mozzarella, cucumber, and ranch.
Toddler Dinner 2

Toddler Dinner #2

  1. Spinach & Cheese Quesadilla: if your toddler is still learning to like veggies, try adding them to their quesadilla! Side of red bell pepper, blueberries, strawberries, and salsa or sour cream for dipping.
Toddler Dinner 3

Toddler Dinner Idea #3

  1. Meatballs with Veggies: homemade baked meatballs served with side of air fryer sweet potatoes, broccoli, and bell peppers.
Toddler Dinner 4

Easy Toddler Dinner #4

  1. Pasta – most kids love pasta and your baby can start having pasta as young as 6 months old. I like to choose whole wheat pasta (or chickpea pasta is another great choice) and serve with red sauce, but you can do whatever your toddler likes. Sides of cucumber and avocado.
Toddler Dinner 5

Toddler Dinner Idea #5

  1. Broccoli & Cheese Quesadilla: I love adding veggies to quesadillas because its a simple and easy way to make the meal a little more nutrient dense, and my toddlers barely notice! Side of quac for dipping, sour cream, black beans and corn.
Toddler Dinner 6

Toddler Dinner #6

  1. White Chicken Chili: chili or white chili are great toddler meals because its fun to eat with a spoon, but is a little thicker and heartier than regular soup. Side of roll and mixed veggies.
Toddler Dinner 7

Easy Toddler Dinner #7

  1. Dr. Praeger’s Spinach Littles: my boys loves Dr. Praeger’s Spinach Littles and I love them too because they are so easy to make and full of veggies. Side of black beans and squash.
Toddler Meal Idea 8

Toddler Meal Idea #8

  1. Pizza with veggies: Pizza can be a part of a well-balanced diet if served occasionally and with some healthy side dishes. I always like to pair pizza with fruit or veggies like peas and carrots.
Toddler Dinner Idea 9

Toddler Dinner Idea #9

  1. Breakfast Taco: breakfast for dinner is always fun, and we love making these mini breakfast burritos or breakfast tacos. Scramble eggs with all your favorite protein and veggies like onion, broccoli, cheese, and ham then fill in a soft taco. Side of avocado and tomato.
Toddler Dinner 10

Toddler Dinner #10

  1. Chicken Veggie Meatballs: this easy meal is KidFresh Chicken meatballs (with added veggies inside) with sides of cooked carrots (slice these in half again for young toddlers) and babybell cheese.
Toddler Dinner 11

Toddler Dinner Idea #11

  1. Rice & Beef: rice topped with ground beef and sour cream, side of black beans and diced tomatoes.

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Toddler Dinner 12

Toddler Dinner #12

  1. Spaghetti with Meat Sauce & Veggies: spaghetti noodles with ground beef meat sauce cooked with zucchini, bell pepper, squash, spinach, and tomato. I love this as an easy way to add in extra veggies at dinner!
Toddler Dinner 13

Easy Toddler Dinner #13

  1. Chicken Pot Pie Pasta: bowtie pasta with a light gravy sauce, diced chicken, peas and carrots (like chicken pot pie with noodles instead of a biscuit).
Toddler Dinner 14

Toddler Dinner Idea #14

  1. Deconstructed Taco Plate: cut up tortilla, seasoned ground beef taco meat, black beans, and tomatoes. Other great options are avocado, corn, shredded cheese, sour cream, or whatever else you prefer for tacos.
Toddler Dinner 15

Toddler Dinner Idea #15

  1. Ravioli: ravioli with red sauce (or white sauce, pesto, or butter) with sides of peas and roll. Shop our favorite silicone suction plate pictured above: EZPZ Mini Mat
Toddler Dinner 16

Toddler Dinner #16

  1. Baked Chicken with Gravy: baked chicken breast with homemade gravy, side of cauliflower rice and mixed steamed veggies.
Toddler Dinner 17

Easy Toddler Dinner #17

  1. Chicken Nuggets: sometimes the night calls for chicken nuggets! I love that these Perdue Chicken Plus nuggets have extra veggies in the breading. Side of mixed veggies and grapes.
Toddler Dinner 18

Easy Toddler Dinner #18

  1. Grilled cheese and Tomato Soup: this was a favorite from my childhood and I love that I get to share it with my toddlers (they love it too). Cut the sandwich into strips as “dippers” to make it even more fun!
Toddler Dinner 19

Toddler Meal Idea #19

  1. Pork Carnitas Bowl: jasmine rice with roasted pork carnitas, sautéed peppers and onions, cheese, and a mini cheese crips. A mix on a deconstructed taco or taco bowl.
Toddler Dinner 20

Toddler Dinner Idea #20

  1. Hamburger w/ Grilled Corn: the perfect summertime meal! Hamburger with grilled corn on the cob, baked beans, and watermelon.
Toddler Dinner 21

Toddler Dinner #21

  1. Mac & Cheese: a toddler favorite made a little more nutritious with added peas and carrots. I almost always add veggies to mac & cheese because my toddlers hardly notice!
Toddler Dinner 22

Toddler Meal Idea #22

  1. Grilled Avocado & Cheese: like a normal grilled cheese, but with avocado inside! My toddler loves this as a twist on normal grilled cheese, side of watermelon.
Toddler Dinner 23

Toddler Dinner #23

  1. Shrimp Chow Mein: chow mein noodles with shirmp, coconut aminos, carrots, and broccoli.
Toddler Dinner 24

Easy Toddler Dinner #24

  1. Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo: chicken and broccoli cooked with alfredo sauce, side of grapes (half again into quarters for young toddlers) and sweet potato fries.
Toddler Dinner 25

Toddler Dinner Idea #25

  1. Rotini Marinara: if you’re looking for a quick dinner I love this Zucchini & Lentil Rotini Marinara from SteamFresh. Side of whole milk string cheese and mixed veggies.
Toddler Dinner 26

Toddler Dinner Idea #26

  1. Deconstructed BLTA: toasted whole wheat bread with butter, bacon, tomato, avocado, and sweet potato fries.
Toddler Dinner 27

Toddler Dinner #27

  1. Baked Beans: Baked beans as the main course with sides of broccoli, tomato, and peaches.
Toddler Dinner 28

Toddler Dinner Meal Idea #28

  1. Chicken Fried Rice: Jasmine rice, diced chicken, scrambled egg, edamame, broccoli, carrots with coconut aminos.
Toddler Dinner 29

Toddler Dinner #29

  1. Avocado Naan Bread: naan bread warmed with smushed avocado on top. Sides of baked potato and carrot fries and hamburger.
Toddler Dinner 30

Toddler Dinner Idea #30

  1. Pesto Baked Chicken: chicken baked with pesto and cheese on top, sides of pesto rice and mixed veggies. Shop our favorite silicone suction plate pictured above: EZPZ Mini Mat
Toddler Dinner 31

Toddler Dinner Idea #31

  1. Sheet Pan Chicken Sausage: chicken sausage (or pork sausage) cooked on a sheet pan along with veggies like sweet potato and broccoli. You could also do baked chicken breast.
Toddler Dinner 32

Toddler Dinner #32

  1. Shredded Chicken: shredded chicken mixed with sour cream and salsa with sides of cauliflower rice and avocado.
Toddler Dinner 33

Toddler Dinner #33

  1. Steak & “Potatoes”: red meat can be a great source of iron if your toddler will eat it. Try a really tender cut of meat like rib eye or filet and cut up small for your toddler. Side of cauliflower “mashed potatoes” and broccoli.

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