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Toddler Meal Ideas – 15 months

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What my 15 month old eats in a month. 19 toddler meal ideas for young toddlers 12-18 months! Baby led weaning ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here is our 15 month update healthy toddler meal ideas based on what my toddler is eating this month!

Corbin keeps trying new foods and has discovered his love for lobster ravioli!

We also introduced him to Dave’s Killer Bread and he has been doing great with the seed-filled breads and crusts (before this we just did whole wheat).

Additionally, we made a change and have our 15 month old now sitting at the kitchen table.

We removed his high chair tray and pull him right up to the table. I think seems to be doing a little better now that he feels more involved in the family meal!

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Toddler Meal Ideas - 15 months

Self-Feeding Tools

Silicone Plate // Since our toddler now sits at the table these silicone plates have become a MUST at every meal. He will throw his normal plate after a few minutes so we love how these silicone plates stay stuck.

Toddler Silverware // The Munchkin fork and spoon set is great for young toddlers who are more familiar with self feeding. We love this set and use it every day!

Straw Training Cup // The Contigo straw cup is our favorite right now! Its a little more like a real cup that the weighted straw cups we loved previously. This cup does not spill!!

For a full list of toddler feeding products that I recommend check out my post: 10 Toddler Feeding Essentials!

Fruits and Veggies

We try to pair every meal with fruits and veggies.

Fruits and veggies were the first things we introduced when Corbin started purees at 4 months old. They were also some of his first solid foods!

Because of this they are often times his “safe foods”.

Every time we offer a new food or something we know he may not like, I try to include at least one “safe food” that I know he will eat.

Most toddlers can eat almost any fruit or veggie as long as they are soft enough. Here are some of our toddler’s favorites:

  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Oranges
  • Mandarin Oranges
  • Kiwi
  • Melon (watermelon is his favorite!)
  • Blueberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Butternut Squash
  • Peas
  • Spinach
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Corn
  • Bell Pepper
  • Green Beans
  • Broccoli

Breakfast Toddler Meal Ideas

1)Whole wheat waffles: We do both homemade or frozen. Top with no-sugar-added jam, peanut or nut butter, or cream cheese. Corbin’s favorite this month is cream cheese!

2) Eggs: Our toddler loves scrambled eggs or egg muffins! You could also try fried eggs or hard boiled eggs. We toss scrambled eggs with lots of veggies, and/or cheese and meat.

  • Easy egg muffin recipe: scramble eggs (about 1 per muffin) and pour into muffin tin with any veggies or toppings of your choice. Bake for 20 mins at 375 degrees.
  • Corbin’s favorite toppings for scrambled eggs or egg muffins:
    • spinach
    • bell pepper
    • brocolli
    • ham or turkey lunch meat
    • cheese

3) Toast: at 15 months we just lightly toast whole wheat bread. Top with avocado, peanut or nut butter, or no sugar added jam. Our favorite bread is Daves Killer Bread!

4) Yogurt: for babies and young toddlers most pediatricians recommend whole milk yogurt to ensure they are getting healthy fat needed for development. We love Organic Valley grass fed yogurt!

5) French Toast: Corbin loves french toast. It was one of his first solid foods and was great for introducing bread (we had already introduced eggs separately to test for allergies).

6) Muffins: we try to choose muffins with veggies and/or whole grains. I love Inspiralized Kid’s Spinach Blender Muffins or have found some other great recipes online using different veggies.

7) Treats: we do try to feed our toddler a nutritious breakfast most days of the week, but on the weekends we do sometimes have something fun like cinnamon rolls or sweet bread. We won’t restrict him from having these foods once in a while, especially if we are eating them ourselves. Everything in moderation!

For more breakfast ideas check out my post of easy toddler breakfast ideas!

Waffle with cream cheese, grapes, squash
Avocado Toast Strawberries and bananas
Waffle with cream cheese, strawberries, and banana
French toast and oranges
Waffle, raspberries, and grapes
Avocado toast, oranges, grapes

Lunch Toddler Meal Ideas

8) Sandwich: most days at daycare Corbin gets an avocado or pb&j sandwich. We love Dave’s Killer Bread for his sandwiches!

9) Lunch meat: deli turkey or deli ham are another good way to add protein to your toddler’s diet. The meat can be sliced or rolled up if your toddler has mastered biting and chewing.

10) Mac N’ Cheese: homemade or store bought mac n’ cheese is a favorite for most toddlers! I always try to add lots of veggies and its always gobbled down quickly.

11) Veggie Pancakes: zucchini and spinach pancakes are some of my favorite frozen foods. We buy these frozen and they are a great option for a quick lunch or dinner.

12) Left Overs: left overs make a great lunch ideas for toddlers and adults alike. For us this often includes pasta and/or veggies because they are easy to send to daycare for lunch.


  • Cheese: we normally offer a side of string cheese or sliced cheese cut up. Corbin doesn’t drink much milk so this is a great way to ensure he gets enough calcium, vitamin D, and protein.
  • Veggies: I try to offer at least one veggie for lunch and we normally do lots of veggies for dinner. Corbin’s favorite lunch veggies are:
    • Cooked carrots
    • Peas
    • Squash
  • Fruit: Corbin also has at least 1-2 servings of fruit for lunch.
Spinach pancake, strawberries, kiwi
Avocado sandwich, kiwi, string cheese, turkey, squash, oranges
Zucchini pancake, turkey, cheese, blueberries, melon
Mac ‘n cheese, peas, kiwi
Avocado sandwich, carrots, turkey, cheese, fruit
Pb&j, turkey, grapes, string cheese, banana, mandarin oranges
turkey, string cheese, crackers, and fruit

Dinner Toddler Meal Ideas

Corbin normally eats whatever we do for dinner, even if we have to modify it a little bit. Below were some of his favorite dinners this month!

13) Deconstructed Tacos: we eat a lot of Mexican food at our house! For our toddler this normally means black beans, taco meat, avocado, corn, shredded cheese, and tomatoes.

14) Loaded Baked Potato: baked potato loaded with cheese and broccoli

15) Chili: Corbin’s first chili night was a hit! I wasn’t going to serve him chili because I thought it was too hot, but sometimes toddlers can handle more than we think. Think of toddlers who grow up in different countries or cultures who eat a lot of spicy food. Also a great way to practice self-feeding with a spoon!

16) Pasta & Veggies: this month Corbin tried lobster ravioli and loved it!

17) Shredded chicken & veggies: I recently got an instant pot and have loved making different versions of shredded chicken. I’ve tried adding salsa and ranch dressing and our toddler has loved both!

18) Veggie Pizza: most kids love pizza! Corbin has begun to show a preference for white sauce, but we always make sure the pizza has lots of veggies as toppings.

19) Quiche: quiche can be a great way to add hidden veggies or get your picky eater to eat more eggs!

Avocado and corn, squash, steak, and cheese
Pizza, spinach pancake, and watermelon
Pasta with spinach and chicken, strawberries, squash
Pulled chicken, avocado, black beans
quiche, carrots, blueberries
pulled chicken, mixed veggies, roll
Lobster ravioli, veggies

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