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Best Baby Toys for 0-6 Months

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What are the best baby toys for 0-6 months?

The best baby toys for 0-6 months are ones that can capture your little one’s attention and offer some additional benefits such as soothing sore gums, stimulating their senses, or helping with development.

I’m a mom of two and have spent many months researching the best baby toys for young infants. I’m sharing the best baby toys for 0-6 months based on the toys that my boys have tried and loved!

Babies grow a ton during the first 6 months of life, both in size and developmentally.

By 6 months most babies have doubled their birth weight and have had at least 5 mental “leaps” in development, meaning they have learned a lot more about their bodies and environment.

As your baby grows and changes, the toys they may find fun and exciting will likely change as well. However, there are some tried and true best baby toys that will stand the test of time when it comes to your baby.

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4 Categories of Toys for 0-6 months

For the first 6 months, I find that toys generally fall into 4 main categories.

  1. Teething Toys (Toys to Taste)
  2. Sensory Toys (Toys to Feel)
  3. Rattle Toys (Toys to Hear)
  4. Baby Gear

I have broken down our favorite toys into these four main groups. Of course, some toys overlap categories and I often find that the best toys for this age range overlap in multiple categories!

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Teething Toys

As most moms know, babies like to put anything and everything in their mouth. Teething toys are a safe way to let baby explore their environment, satisfy their need to suck and chew, and can also soothe teething gums.

Some teething toys can be kept in the fridge or freezer so that they are cold and provide extra relief. My boys have never liked cold toys but many babies do.

Theething toys are also some of the most used & abused toys in our house so be sure to stock up! Both of my sons have been OBSESSED with some of these teething toys, even well after 3 months.

^^ Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether // This toy has been so much fun from 4-6 months (and beyond). Its easy for your baby to hold and there are lots of different shapes and textures to explore. This is currently my 5 month old’s #1 toy so I was sure to list it first!

^^ Nuby Teether Keys // These keys are especially awesome because you can put them in the freezer and the gel gets really cold to help soothe your baby’s gums. Even if they aren’t cold, the ring is easy for young baby’s to hold on to and maniuplate.

^^ Fisher Price Pizza Teether // This cute toys is the perfect size and shape for 3-6 month olds to grasp and put in their mouth. I like the triangle shape because its different than most other teethers out there so it keeps your baby’s attention. My babies have especially loved this one!

^^ Infantino Animal Parade Links // These links aren’t necessarily teething toys, but they are great for little hands to grab and chew on. Infantino links are great for hanging from an activity gym or baby bouncer or hooking onto a carseat or high chair.

^^ Nuby Muslin Teething Bibs // Teething bibs are great because they are two useful baby items in one! We love these bibs because they are soft, absorbent, lay flat and seem very comfy even for small babies. They come in cute patterns and the texture teething corner is fun and satisfying for them to chew on.

^^ Itzy Ritzy Silicone Teether // Silicone teethers are SO cute and great for young babies who like to chew on teethers that are a little bit smoother in texture. We have the cactus one and it fits well in my baby’s hands and is a great hardness and texture to soothe teething gums.

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys stimulate the senses and are great for learning and development. They are often the fun toys and the ones that can grab and hold your baby’s attention.

At the 0-6 month age range it doesn’t take all that much to capture your baby’s attention. For that reason the toys in this category aren’t necessarily loud and flashy, but are tried and true toys that can entertain a young baby.

Sensory toys can be a little much for small babies to handle, so I try to only use them for short periods of time or rotate them out with less stimulating toys like teethers or rattles.

^^ Sassy Wonder Wheel // The wonder wheel is especially awesome because it has a suction base that makes it easy to stick to tables or trays (or airplane windows!). Once my baby could sit supported in his high chair we stuck this to the tray to help keep him entertained during meal times. It spins, rotates, and makes a light clicking noise so it is very engaging!

^^ Lamaze Firefly Toy // This toy is great in a baby gym or attached to a carseat; the ring clip makes it very versatile! The wings make a fun crinkle sound and they are bright colors that babies love to look at. It also has a teether that is attached to this toy by a string so babies can easily reach it when the toy is hanging.

^^ O-ball Toy // The o-ball toys are perfect for the littlest hands to grasp. They are soft and fairly light weight and great for tummy time or for your baby to grasp while your baby is in a bouncer or on their back. My babies tended to drop things on their face while playing on their back so this lightweight toy was awesome!

^^ Stacking Cups // These cups are an all-around awesome toy! They are great for young babies and toddlers alike. Stacking cups are a great travel toy, bath toy, and can be stacked up high and also stacked inside each other. The cups are great for learning colors and also have numbers to explore.

^^ Baby Einstein Activity Arms Octopus // Another one of our favorite plush sensory toy is the Baby Einstein Activity Arms Octopus. Both of my sons have loved this hanging toy; the arms are stretchy and fun to play with, there is a mirror, and two additional rings that are easy to grab and manipulate.

^^ Indestructible Crinkle Books // We love indestructible books! These really are toys that your baby can sink their teeth into without ripping or tearing the pages. They are great for chewing on and also make a fun crinkle noise. They really cannot be ripped!

Rattle Toys

Rattles are a classic baby toy that i’ve found my babies really enjoy. They are a little less stimulating that many of the sensory toys listed above, but its fun to watch your baby the first time they realize the toy they are shaking is actually making noise.

Because babies tend to put everything in their mouth, these rattle toys are also great for babies to chew on.

Rattles are also fairly small and babies can practice their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by reaching, grabbing, and passing the rattle back and forth between their hands.

^^ Sassy Ring Rattle // This is the perfect size and weight for babies to grasp on their back and bring to their mouth. My babies have loved the different textures and sounds and get excited when I bring this toy out!

^^ Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle // This was one of the first toys my babies could grasp. This toy is fairly lightweight and has lots of places for them to grab and hold on to. They could spend hours just looking at the design and it is also great for chewing.

^^ O-Ball Rattles // We love the original O-balls and recently found these fun rattle toys. The double ball rattle is great for very young babies starting around 2 months when they can grasp things in their hands. The rattle cars are great for babies that are a little older, around 5 months and older. My toddler even loves the O-ball rattle cars still!

^^ Infantino Foot Rattles // Foot rattles are so cute and are very practical! Since they are attached to your baby its much harder for them to get thrown across the room or lost under the couch. My toddler tried these on and got a good laugh when we recently brought them out for the new baby!

Baby Gear

Baby gear or activity centers are probably my favorite baby toy because they offer the longest periods of entertainment! They are also a safe place to put your baby that is up off the floor and for most of these off of their back.

Baby gear is best introduced in steps, because since they hold babies in different positions, they need to be used at developmentally appropriate ages.

I reccomend introducing baby gear in this order:

  1. Baby Bouncer
  2. Activity Mat/ Play Gym (this could be introduced first, but your baby won’t care for the toys for a few months).
  3. Sit-Me-Up Chair
  4. Baby Jumper

Although they should be introduced when developmentally appropriate, most of these toys can be used for long periods of time. For example, my 5 month old currently uses all of these baby gear items and still finds them all entertaining!

^^ Fisher Price Baby Bouncer // We starting using this bouncer at just a few weeks old and my babies loved it! A bouncer is a great safe place to set your baby while you do something around the house or if you just need your hands free. This one has a cute toy bar that my babies have found exciting and i’ve also hooked additional toys on it for them to play with.

^^ Fisher Price Baby Gym // The baby gym is one of our FAVORITE sensory toys. It can be used basically from birth, but your baby probably won’t appreciate the toys until they are 1-2 months old. They toys are interchangeable and you can purchase additional hanging toys to keep the baby gym interesting. We keep our baby gym in our pack n’ play playyard!

^^ Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up // A sit-me-up chair can be used once your baby can sit with support and has good neck control. For my babies this was about 3-4 months old. I love this chair because it comes with a place to hook toys so that they do not fall off. This chair collapses fairly small and is also great to bring when traveling.

^^ Fisher Price Jumperoo // Baby jumpers are so fun once your baby gets old enough to support their head and their feet can reach the ground. For both of my babies this wasn’t until about 5 months, but once they were strong enough the Jumperoo because their new favorite place to hang out.

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