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Are you looking for experience gift ideas for kids that will make your kids excited and make lasting impressions ? This post can help!

Hi there, I’m Jessica, a mom of three! I’m sharing all of our favorite experience gifts perfect for birthdays, celebrations, and the holiday season.

As the holiday season approaches, and birthdays loom on the horizon, parents and gift-givers alike may find themselves on the perennial quest for the perfect presents for the little ones in their lives. This year, let’s think beyond the confines of traditional toys and consider the gift of experiences—memories that will last a lifetime.

Experience gifts for kids not only ignite their imaginations but also offer opportunities for learning, exploration, and quality time with loved ones. Plus, they don’t add clutter to your home and are great for families who feel like they are drowning in toys (its me!).

In this blog post, we’re excited to share 26 unforgettable experience gift ideas that go beyond the wrapping paper, promising to create cherished moments and a sense of wonder for the little ones in your life. Use these some ideas for your own gift or pass this list on to family and friends!

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Experience Gifts for Kids

At the great wolf lodge
  1. Water Park Hotel Stay: Make a splash with the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation, wrapped up in the joy of a water park hotel stay for a gift that makes waves of happiness! Two of our tried-and-true favorites are:
  2. Children’s Museum Pass: Ignite their curiosity with a pass to the children’s museum. These interactive spaces provide a hands-on learning experience, fostering creativity and exploration through engaging exhibits and activities.
  3. Season Pass to the Local Amusement Park: . Give the gift of unlimited fun with a season pass to the local amusement park. From thrilling rides to colorful attractions, it’s a ticket to a summer filled with laughter and excitement.
  4. Movie Tickets: Create magical moments with movie night tickets. Whether it’s an animated adventure or a family-friendly film, the cinema experience adds a touch of enchantment to a cozy night out.
  5. Ice Cream Shop Gift Card: Indulge their sweet tooth with a gift card to the local ice cream shop. Let them savor the joy of choosing their favorite flavors and creating delicious memories with every scoop.
  6. Roller Skating Rink Pass: Encourage some active fun with a pass to the roller skating rink. Skating under the disco lights with music playing sets the stage for a joyful and energetic day out.
  7. Mini Golf Adventure: Embark on a miniature golf adventure for a day filled with laughter and friendly competition. It’s an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors and test their putting skills.
  8. Trampoline Park Pass: Take bouncing to a whole new level with a pass to the trampoline park. Jumping, flipping, and bouncing on the vast trampoline surfaces guarantee a day packed with excitement.
  9. Bowling Alley Fun: Strike up some family fun with a trip to the bowling alley. With lightweight balls and gutter guards, even the littlest ones can enjoy the thrill of knocking down pins.
boy at the zoo
  1. Zoo Tickets: Treat the kids to a day filled with wonder as they encounter exotic creatures and fascinating wildlife at the local zoo. From playful primates to majestic big cats, the zoo offers a chance for discovery and excitement.
  2. Art Studio Workshop: Nurture their artistic side with a visit to an art studio workshop. From painting to pottery, these hands-on sessions allow kids to explore their creative instincts and produce unique masterpieces.
  3. Aquarium Admission: Dive into the wonders of the ocean with a visit to the aquarium. Colorful fish, mesmerizing coral reefs, and interactive exhibits create an underwater adventure right in your city.
  4. Science Center Tickets: Stimulate their minds with a trip to the science center. Hands-on exhibits and interactive displays make learning about physics, biology, and more a thrilling experience.
  5. Pottery Painting Session: Encourage their artistic expression with a pottery painting session. From mugs to figurines, kids can create personalized keepsakes during a fun and messy crafting experience.
  6. Sports Game Tickets: Cheer for the home team at your kid’s favorite sporting event; Football, Hockey, and Baseball are some of our favorites!
  7. Train Ride Tickets: Take them on a scenic train ride for a day filled with charming landscapes and the excitement of a moving locomotive. The rhythmic chugging and scenic views make for a memorable journey.
  8. Swimming Pool Passes: Splash into summer excitement with tickets to your local swimming pool or water park!
  9. Indoor Playground Pass: For the little adventurers, an indoor playground pass offers a world of climbing frames, slides, and tunnels. It’s a perfect venue for burning off energy while having a blast
family ice skating
  1. Ice Skating Rink Tickets: Embrace the winter chill with a trip to the ice skating rink. Whether they’re beginners or seasoned skaters, gliding on the ice promises hours of frosty fun.
  2. Arcade Gift Certificate: Pair a bowling outing with some arcade fun. Load up on tokens for the arcade games, providing an extra layer of entertainment for the kids.
  3. Local Outdoor Adventure Park Pass: For the little thrill-seekers, an outdoor adventure park pass offers a day of zip-lining, climbing, and navigating obstacle courses in the great outdoors.
  4. Bike Rental Gift Card: Explore the neighborhood on two wheels with a bike rental voucher. It’s a simple yet delightful way for kids to enjoy the outdoors and stay active.
  5. Botanical Garden Visit: Immerse the kids in the beauty of nature with a visit to a botanical garden. Exploring lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and perhaps even a butterfly garden offers a tranquil yet enchanting experience.
  6. Farm Visit Tickets: For an up-close encounter with furry friends, farm visit tickets are a fantastic choice. Kids can pet animals, learn about farm life, and perhaps even enjoy a tractor ride.
  7. Cooking Class for Kids: let your little chef learn about cooking or baking (either the basics or more advanced) with a kid’s cooking class available in your area.
  8. Pay for Sports Lessons or Activities: ask for family or relatives to pitch in for your child’s next team sport or activity. Some of our favorites are soccer, t-ball, gymnastics, swimming, karate, and wrestling.

This year, embrace the joy of simplicity by gifting experiences that will bring smiles and create lasting memories for the special kids in your life.

From zoo tickets to museum passes and beyond, these 26 delightful experience gifts are sure to make any occasion extra special. So, let the gift of shared moments and laughter be the highlight of your celebrations!

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