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Free Holiday Activities To Do With Your Kids

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Here you will find the perfect family-friendly list of free holiday activities to do with your kids; what our family does every year to make the holiday season more magical!

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the enchanting opportunity to create magical memories with our little ones.

In a season of GETTING, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all of the latest toys, gifts, and experiences, especially if you are on a budget.

In this blog post, we’ll explore a host of heartwarming, budget-friendly activities that promise to bring smiles, laughter, and a sense of togetherness to your holiday season. Let’s dive into the world of free (or low-cost) holiday experiences that will light up the faces of your children without putting a strain on your wallet.

Holiday hot chocolate - free activites with kids

Free Holiday Activities for Kids

  1. Look at Christmas Lights: walk or drive around your neighborhood and look at all the Christmas magic. Search online or facebook groups to see if you can find any neighborhoods that go all out with decorating!
  2. Cookie Decorating Extravaganza: Turn your kitchen into a festive bakery with a cookie decorating session. Use cookie cutters you may already have or grabbed from the dollar store, homemade icing, and sprinkles to create edible masterpieces with your kids.
  3. DIY Ornament Crafting: Gather around the table with crafting supplies and let your children’s creativity shine. Create DIY ornaments together, turning this into a cherished annual tradition that adds a personal touch to your holiday decor.
  4. Letter to Santa: Sit down with your kids to write heartfelt letters to Santa. It’s a magical way for them to express their holiday wishes, and you can make it extra special by decorating the letters together.
  5. Holiday Movie Marathon: Transform your living room into a cozy cinema by hosting a holiday movie marathon. Pick timeless classics or discover new favorites, complete with popcorn and blankets for the ultimate movie night experience. If you don’t have cable or steaming services, you can watch quite a few of them for free on Youtube.
  6. Homemade Hot Cocoa Bar: Create a DIY hot cocoa bar with simple ingredients like cocoa powder, marshmallows, sprinkles, and candy canes. Let the kids customize their own cups for a delicious and cozy experience.
  7. Christmas Storytime Favorites: Snuggle up with your little ones by the fireplace (real or virtual) and share heartwarming holiday stories. Whether it’s classic tales or new adventures, the warmth of a good story can create lasting memories. Check out books from the library or search for virtual Christmas stories on Youtube.
  8. Holiday Scented Playdoh: if you haven’t made play doh before, its actually really easy and inexpensive to make! Do a quick online search for a recipe and add festive food coloring and scents like peppermint essential oils cinnamon.
  9. Holiday Karaoke Night: Turn up the holiday tunes and have a karaoke night at home. Singing together is not only fun but also a great way to create a festive atmosphere.
  1. Outdoor Snow Play Day: If you’re lucky enough to have snow, plan a day of outdoor play. Build snowmen, go sledding, have a snowball fight, or create snow angels—it’s a simple yet joyful way to embrace the winter wonderland. If you don’t have snow where you are, consider a quick day trip to somewhere within driving distance with snow or search for places (like outdoor malls) that do snow play.
  2. Holiday Baking: stay cozy in your pjs all weekend and get some holiday baking done (or spread it out for the whole month of December). Gingerbread cookies, pumpkin bread, and applie pie are some of our favorites for the holidays. If you have extra, bag them up and gift to family and friends to spread Christmas joy.
  3. Holiday Sensory Bin: use items you already have or can grab for cheap from the grocery store or dollar store! Use a sensory bin base like rice, dried noodles, or dried beans and pair with scoops, spoons, kid-safe ornaments, winter weather animal figurines, jingle bells, or anything you can find.
  4. Scenic Winter Walks: Bundle up and embrace the winter wonderland by taking your kids on a scenic walk through a local park, hiking trail, or your neighborhood. Whether it’s snow-covered landscapes or glistening holiday lights, the beauty of the season is best enjoyed on foot.
  5. Paper Snowflake Crafting: Bring the magic of snow indoors with a paper snowflake crafting session. All you need is paper and scissors to create intricate snowflake designs—hang them around the house for a festive touch.
  6. Virtual Santa Visit: With the wonders of technology, arrange a virtual visit with Santa for your little ones. Many platforms offer free opportunities for kids to chat with Santa from the comfort of home.
  7. Nature-inspired Crafts: Collect natural elements like pinecones, twigs, and leaves during a family nature walk. Use these treasures to create beautiful, nature-inspired crafts that celebrate the season.
  8. Family Game Night: Light a fire, get in your pjs, and play some board games while your holiday cookies are baking. Dust off board games, card games, or even invent your own family games for a night of friendly competition and laughter. It’s a timeless way to bond and create lasting memories.
  9. Gift of Giving: Instill the spirit of giving by volunteering as a family. Whether it’s at a local food bank, animal shelter, or participating in a community service project, it’s a meaningful way to teach kids about empathy and kindness.

This holiday season, relish the magic of togetherness with these free (or low-cost) experiences that promise priceless moments of joy for you and your kids!

From winter walks to DIY crafts and movie nights, it’s the simple, shared moments that make the holiday season truly special. So, embark on these heartwarming adventures, and may your holidays be filled with love, laughter, and the magic of budget-friendly festivities!

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