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5 Tips for Pregnancy Morning Sickness

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A list of tips and tricks for dealing with morning sickness in pregnancy. I’m sharing everything that worked for a two-time mama!

Are you wondering: How can I stop morning sickness in early pregnancy? What foods are good for morning sickness?

You’ve come to the right place! I’m a mom of three and am sharing everything I did to help with morning sickness during pregnancy.

Most pregnant women suffer from some morning sickness at least some time in their pregnancy, most in their first trimester. Don’t be fooled by the term ‘morning sickness’, though, because it can often times occur at any time of the day or last the entire day.

Morning sickness can also vary from pregnancy-to-pregnancy. Out of my three pregnancies, I was the most sick in pregnancy #2 (boy) and sick the longest in pregnancy #3 (girl).

Although there is no real cure for pregnancy morning sickness, there are some things you can do to help relieve your symptoms. Below are some morning sickness remedies and my tips and tricks for getting through those dreaded weeks!

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Tip #1: Eat

This seems counterintuitive, but for me the only temporary relief I could get from nausea was to eat. Constantly. Although not always recommended because of the weight gain that can accompany constantly eating, sometimes that is the only way to get through the day.

Try to find something healthy to eat to settle your stomach. It is recommended to eat small meals, frequently.

For my first pregnancy it was cereal with milk and any type of sour candy. For my second pregnancy I was obsessed with cream cheese. Anything to keep your stomach full.

Tip #2: Avoid foods that make you sick

You and anyone you prepare food for have to remember that the morning sickness is only temporary (even if it lasts the full 9 months, still temporary!).

For me, even the thought of chicken would make me gag.  This happened for both pregnancies. We ate a lot of vegetarian meals and other meats during those first few weeks and my hubby learned to help prepare dinner!

Tip #3: Avoid hot foods

Its common to find that warm or hot foods make you feel sick and that cooler or cold food is easier to get down. This is because for the most part, hot foods are more flavorful and have a stronger smell.

For both of my pregnancies I ate a lot of cream cheese (craving and it was a cold food!) and ice cream. Sometimes those were the only things that sounded bearable to eat.

Tip #4: Suck on Peppermints 

Peppermint can definitely take the edge off of nausea. Smelling or tasting peppermint has been known to settle your stomach and make you less nauseous.

During my pregnancies I like to buy large bags of peppermints and keep them all over my house, in my car, and in my purse in case I needed one on the go. Peppermint tea is another great option that can help with nausea.

Tip #5: Stay busy 

As hard as it is when you feel nauseous, try and keep your mind busy or stay active if you can. Sitting around thinking about how nauseous you are can only make it worse.

Even if I felt miserable, I found that I felt even worse when I laid on the couch and felt better if I did a little light housework or got out of the house. Don’t push yourself too hard, though, and always listen to your body.

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