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SneakPeek Review: How to Find out Gender Early in Pregnancy

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A SneakPeek review and first-hand experience of taking the SneakPeek early gender test. There is a way to find out gender early in pregnancy: SneakPeek!

I’m a mom of two (with one on the way) sharing my experience with using the SneakPeek early gender DNA test. I took the SneakPeek at-home early gender prediction test when I was 16 weeks along, but SneakPeek works as early as 7 weeks gestation.

Below is my experience with taking SneakPeek along with some info on the SneakPeek at-home test and some frequently asked questions.

Please note, this post is sponsored but all of the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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What is SneakPeek?

SneakPeek is an early gender prediction test. They offer an at-home version and a clinical version (that you take at a medical office or testing center), however this review will focus on the at-home test.

SneakPeek is mailed to your house for free so you can take the test in the comfort of your own home and can tell you if you are having a boy or girl as early as 7 weeks along in your pregnancy.

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How Do You Take the SneakPeek test?

Here are the basic steps to take the SneakPeek test at home test with the snap device (the lancet instructions will be similar). Be sure to thoroughly read all the directions included in your kit to make sure you have the most up-to-date instructions.

  1. Order your SneakPeek at home gender test. (Click here to order $10 off)
  1. Once you receive your SneakPeek kit and area ready to take the test, open the kit and read all instructions thoroughly.
  1. The first step will be to activate your kit. This ensures that your sample will be linked to you and you can get your results.
  1. Before starting make sure you are well hydrated and that there are no males present in your sample area. SneakPeek recommends the kitchen, but I took mine in my large master bathroom on a side my husband rarely goes on. Clean the area and lay out all your supplies.
  1. Prepare for sample collection. Wash your hands thoroughly and then scrub the sample site on your upper arm with the scrub brush provided. Let both air dry.
  1. Get the blood flowing. Use the heat pack provided to warm up your upper arm to prepare for blood draw. I personally couldn’t get the heat back to activate so after a while of trying I gave up and used warm water instead (and then repeated step 5). This method seemed to work okay!
  1. Draw your sample. Open the snap device from the packaging and remove the backing from the adhesive. Attach to your arm and push down until you hear a click. Then simply wait for your collection tube to fill with blood. SneakPeek advised this may take 1-4 minutes, however mine was full to the top in under 30 seconds. This may be from warming my arm too much, i’m not sure, but either way it seems that filling over the line is fine as well.
  1. Once you have filled your sample to the line in the container, remove the snap device from your arm and remove the collection container. Seal and shake to activate the preservative.
  1. Place your full collection container into the provided baggy (including the gauze). I accidentally used this gauze in a prior step and so I didn’t include the gauze when sending my sample back and it turned out just fine. Place the baggy into your pre-paid box and attach the new shipping label. Return to your mail center and wait for your results!

Visit SneakPeak’s site and learn more >>> How Does It Work?

How does the SneakPeek Gender Test Work?

The SneakPeek test tells you the gender of your baby by looking for a male chromosome (XY chromosomes being male and XX chromosomes being female). Since a female is taking the test, if no male DNA is detected in the sample it means your baby is a girl, whereas if male DNA is detected it means your baby is a boy.

Since the test is looking for male DNA is extremely important that no male DNA (from other males in your home) contaminates the sample. Make sure you take the test alone or in the presence of a female and that you clean your testing area and body part thoroughly. The instructions included in the kit will walk you through this process.

When Should you take SneakPeek?

The SneakPeek gender test can be taken as early as 7 weeks into your pregnancy, although you can take it any time after 7 weeks as well. I personally took the SneakPeek test when I was 16 weeks along.

Holding sneakpeek gender DNA kit box

Does SneakPeek Hurt?

There are currently two different device options for the SneakPeek at home test; the lancet or snap device.

Lancet: the original SneakPeek testing device is a traditional lancet. The pain is described as low to moderate, but it would be as expected to prick your finger with a lancet. Most people won’t find this extremely painful.

Snap Device: snap is a new device that makes getting your blood sample virtually pain-free. I used the snap device and felt almost nothing when getting my blood sample. I would describe it as some pressure when you push the device into your skin and a sensation almost as if you were lightly scratching or itching the spot on your arm while it was drawing blood.

How Long Does it Take to Get Your SneakPeek Results?

SneakPeek offers different timelines for receiving your results, so your timeline will depend on the package your purchased.

  • Standard Shipping: The timeline provided by SneakPeek is 5-7 days after ordering your kit. The kit should be to you 2-3 days after ordering your kit. Mailing the kit back to SneakPeek should take an additional 2-3 days and then the results are emailed to you 1 day after they are received at the SneakPeek lab.
  • Fast Track: The timeline provided by SneakPeek is 72 hours (3 days) after ordering your kit. The kit should be to you 1 day after ordering. Mailing the kit back to SneakPeek should take an additional 1 day and then the results are emailed to you the same day they are received in the SneakPeek lab.

I live in a very rural small town and sent mine in around the holiday season and my shipping times were slightly longer (4 days to arrive back at SneakPeek).

Is SneakPeek accurate?

According to SneakPeek’s website, SneakPeek is more than 99% accurate.

However, a quick internet search will show plenty of results with mamas who received incorrect results. Most of the results seem to be incorrect boy results, likely from contamination of male DNA somewhere in the testing process.

Also, I believe most of these results were from the original lancet style testing; having to manually squeeze blood out of your finger and collect it as it drips off your nail has a much higher chance of contaminating the sample with male DNA stuck under your finger nail. The newer snap style device draws from your arm so there is less chance of male contamination.

Was my result accurate? For now I can’t tell because I haven’t had my anatomy scan yet, but stay tuned for the results!

What Was My Experience Like with the SneakPeek Gender Test?

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Overall I had a good experience with using the SneakPeek at-home early gender DNA test. Being able to find out the gender of your baby early on in your pregnancy and in the comfort of your own home is extremely exciting!

I received and took the SneakPeek gender test when I was 16 weeks along. The kit arrived in 3 days as expected and I took the kit the night I received it. I have two boys (plus a husband and father in-law who was visiting at the time) so I wanted to make sure there was as little chance for contamination as possible.

I took the SneakPeek test in my large master bathroom in a corner that my husband rarely goes in (SneakPeek does recommend the kitchen). I took a shower before doing the test and scrubbed everywhere just for peace of mind. I used a clean towel and then wrapped my hair up and took the test in my undies. I really wanted to make sure there was no chance for male contamination 🙂

Next, I opened my kit and followed the instructions as closely as possible. The first step was to activate your kit via the computer or your phone. I didn’t like that this wasn’t listed outside anywhere because I had thoroughly cleaned myself and then had to touch my phone to activate my kit. You may be able to wait until the end to activate, but I didn’t want to take any chances so I followed the instructions.

The next instructions were to clean your surface, hands, and arm thoroughly and then use a heat pack that was provided to heat up your arm. I tried for nearly 10 minutes and couldn’t get the heat back to activate so instead I used warm water to heat up my arm. This seemed to work okay.

Attaching the snap device to your arm and drawing blood was nearly painless as suggested by SneakPeek. I was surprised how easy this part was! You do see the blood fill into the collection container so if you are squeamish it may be best to have help from another female.

Another problem I encountered was that the directions advise you that it will likely take 1-4 minutes to fill the collection container to the line indicating you have collected enough blood. After 30 seconds I looked down and I had already filled the container past the line and it was close to being full all the way to the top. My thought is that I might have warmed my arm up too much and the blood was flowing too fast.

Even with these little mishaps, I successfully collected my sample and mailed it off in the pre-paid box provided by SneakPeek. It arrived to the testing lab in 4 days (I live in a very small rural town) and my results were in the following day.

What were my results? My SneakPeek test results came back saying I am having a baby GIRL! I have not had my anatomy scan yet to confirm these results, but we are very excited and expect them to be correct!

Here are my email results and what you can expect when you get your email back (a boy results would be slightly different of course).

SneakPeek Analysis report showing girl result.

Pros of SneakPeek At-home Gender Test

  • Relatively inexpensive and easy to order
  • Test in the comfort of your own home
  • 99.9% accuracy (as reported by SneakPeek)
  • Results in as little as 72 hours
  • Snap device is nearly painless

Cons of SneakPeek At-home Gender Test

  • At-home version is not covered by most insurance
  • Possible contamination of male DNA
  • Results may take longer if you live in a rural area
  • Possible issues due to unfamiliarity with blood draw procedures (I filled up the collection container quickly and I wasn’t sure why or what to do next)
  • Possible kit malfunctions (my heating pack did not function properly, but I was able to improvise)

My overall feedback is that the SneakPeek at-home gender test is great for people who are not squeamish (or can have help from a female friend) and want to find out gender early in pregnancy in the comfort of their own home.

SneakPeek reports that results are 99% accurate, but that’s only if the sample isn’t contaminated with male DNA due to user error. If you are able to clean thoroughly and be sure not to contaminate your sample, SneakPeek can be an extremely useful and exciting tool for expecting mamas!

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