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A list of the best toddler activity supplies for quickly and easily setting up toddler learning activities, crafts, and toddler sensory play.

I love doing learning activities, crafts, and sensory play activities with my toddlers. Others often ask me how I do it so regularly and how long it takes me to prepare. In reality, I normally wing it and set up their activities with just a few minutes of planning. The only way I can do this is to stock up on our favorite toddler activity supplies to make set up quick and easy!

I’m sharing exactly what we have stocked up to do so many of our favorite toddler activities. Follow along on my Instagram (normally in stories) to see all of our recent toddler learning and craft activities.

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Graphic showing toddler activity supply essentials and gear

Stock Up on these Toddler Activity Supplies

First up, my favorite storage solution to help you store all of your toddler activity supplies: Toddler Activity Storage Cabinets

  1. 16 qt Storage Bin – I find this is the perfect size for toddler sensory activities like dried black bean, rice, or dried noodle play. They also work great for toys and other supplies needed for toddler activities.
  1. Muffin Tin – great for holding paint and keeping colors separated! You might already have one one hand, but it could also be a good idea to get a muffin tin designated for toddler crafts.
  1. Colorful Dot Stickers – these are so affordable and have so many uses for toddler learning and play (plus what toddler doesn’t love stickers). I especially love how this set comes with 6 colors instead of the standard four (red, blue, yellow, green).
  1. Crayola Construction Paper – colored construction paper is the base for so many crafts and toddler activities! We bought two packs at the beginning of our school year and have barely made a dent (we use it almost daily!).
  1. Colored Masking Tape – use to hang up construction paper, butcher paper, or cardboard on the wall for sticker and painting crafts or use to section off portions of the table or floor for sorting and counting. You could also use plain painter’s tape, but this is more fun!
  1. Crayola Ultra-Washable Large Crayons – we have tried other brands but always come back to Crayola for the vibrance and quality. The ultra-washable version is a must for kids and our toddlers love the large version since they are easier to grip.
  1. Crayola Ultra-Washable Markers – the ultra-washable version is a must-have for toddlers! We have compared to the normal crayola markers and these come off so much better.
  1. Post It Notes – a great tool for matching learning activities, number and letter recognition games, and just flat-out entertaining your toddler!
  1. Tempera Paint Sticks – such a fun art supply that we didn’t even knew existed until recently! These paint sticks are washable, quick drying, and aren’t runny at all. A fun way for your toddler to practice coloring, drawing, fine motor skills, and color recognition.
  1. Crayola Washable Finger Paint – we have tried multiple brands and always come back to Crayola because they are the most vibrant and washable! We like to stock up on these larger bottles of paint because my kids seem to go through paint so quickly.
  1. 5 Piece Paint Brush Set – a great set of larger paintbrushes that are made for toddlers and young children.
  1. White Kraft Butcher Paper Roll – so helpful for lining your table or floor (when doing projects on the wall). We also use craft paper taped to the wall to do sticker and panting actives sometimes as well! In our videos you will see we have brown colored butcher paper, but if I had to do it again I would get white.
  1. Glue Sticks – glue sticks are fun because your toddler can learn to do it themselves without a huge mess. We love the ones that are colored purple so your toddler can better see where the glue is when applying it. Stock up on these! Toddlers love glue!
Toddler sitting at table painting.

What Equipment Is Helpful for Toddler Activities?

The below list isn’t necessarily supplies for toddler activities, but gear and equipment I find super helpful!

  1. Toddler Table & Chair Set – I love having a separate space for my toddlers to sit down and do their activities, crafts, and sensory play! That way I don’t have to worry about my kitchen table getting ruined or dirty right before a meal. We also have snack time here sometimes too! Perfect for toddlers through preschoolers.
  1. Bibado Coverall Smock – perfect for protecting your toddler’s clothes from messy activities (like paint) or sensory play. It’s also great as a full-coverage bib for messy eaters! (Use code PINECONES20 for 20% off)
  1. EZPZ Paint Mat – a large silicone mat that’s great for painting and other messy activities. There is a divided section that is perfect for holding paint, small items like beads (for older children) or even snacks! (Use code EZPZ25LOVE for 25% off $75+)

To see these activity supplies in use and for toddler learning and sensory activity ideas follow along on Instagram (stories, highlights, and posts)!

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