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What you need for your SECOND baby!

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Baby registry checklist and tips for your second baby. Everything that you need to prepare for your second baby.

Its official! We are preparing for two under two.

I wanted to share everything that I plan on getting for my second baby to help other mama’s prepare.

Our boys will be 16-17 months apart.

Since the second is the same gender as our first, we are hoping that will cut down on buying a lot of new things.

Also, since the boys will be so close in age technology and products haven’t changed that much.

We also hope to have the boys share a room once the baby on a more predictable schedule and has a good bedtime routine down.

With my first baby we registered for a lot of baby items since we were starting from scratch!

With this baby we will be having a makeshift nursery for the first few months until we move the boys into the nursery together.

So there are some newborn items that we will need to buy even though they are duplicates.

Signing up for Amazon Baby Registry

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Sign up for Amazon Baby Registry

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For your convince, all of the links below are links to amazon so you can easily add these to your registry!

Registry Checklist for your Second Baby

Second Baby Registry

  • Double Stroller – I am so in love with the Evenflo Xpand double stroller we picked out. It easily converts from a single stroller to a double stroller. This way if I am out and about with only one of the boys I won’t have to lug around a stroller with two seats!
  • New Crib – this is so important for us because we crib-sleep from day one. Also, because my oldest will only be 16-17 months when the baby is born and will still be in his crib.
  • New Crib Accessories – with the new crib we will also be getting new crib accessories. We will get new crib sheets (2-3), new crib mattress liners (2), and a new crib mattress. Crib bumpers are not considered safe sleep so we will be forgoing that and all other crib accessories.
  • Pack N Play – we always use pack n plays when traveling because our son is used to sleeping on his own. We will need a second one for the new baby. We plan on getting this one with the bassinet feature.
  • New Bottle Nipples – I plan on breastfeeding (no judgement to mama’s who don’t!). As I learned last time things don’t always go as planned. We will sterilize and use the same bottles as last time (we love the Phillips Avent). But, we will get new nipples for the new baby. Nipples can become worn over time and storage and its a fairly cheap investment to replace them.
  • Nursing Chair – we will keep the boys in separate rooms for the first few months of life (baby sleeping in the guest room). So, I will need another nursing chair. I still use my first son’s regularly for story time and to relax in his room when he is playing. We plan on buying a cheaper or gently used chair for our second. We will probably sell it once he is room-sharing with his brother!
  • Diaper Bag – you can definitely use your current diaper bag when you have a new baby. But, after a year of trial and error I knew I needed a bigger one and one with a few more features. I love this diaper bag and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!
Diaper Bag Backpack, RUVALINO Multifunction Travel Back Pack Maternity Baby Nappy Changing Bags, Large Capacity, Waterproof and Stylish, Gray
  • Breast Pumpsince you are allowed a new breast pump with every birth, I will be getting a new one this time! Last time I had a Madela PISA and I am planning on trying the Spectra this time!
  • Video Monitor – we love our Levena video monitor, but sadly its been discontinued. A new compatible camera is about the same price and many monitor systems, so we will be getting a new one. We haven’t decided which one we want yet. But, are planning on buying a new video monitor that has two cameras!
  • More Newborn Clothes – my first was born in the summer and my second will be born in the winter! Unfortunately their sizes won’t line up all that much in the beginning so we will be buying more newborn clothes.
  • Changing Pad – We will be setting up a makeshift nursery in the guest room for the first few months, so we will need another changing pad. We will set this on the dresser, like we do in our actual nursery. We will also be getting a few more changing pad covers.
  • Fabrics – while the majority of things we can re-use from my first born (swaddles, blankets, car seat covers), we do plan on buying some new items for this baby. Particularly items that got a lot of use with my first like: burp cloths, hooded towels, and diaper changing pad covers.

Things we will be re-using

This is not an all-inclusive list, but some big items we will be re-using for this baby are:

  • High Chair – my first son will probably be close to two years by the time the baby starts eating so I think we will be in the clear!

Thanks for stopping by!

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