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Best Toddler Cups that Don’t Leak

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5 of the best toddler cups that don’t leak. If you are on the search for toddler cups that don’t leak you have come to the right place!

We’ve been on the search for the best non-leak toddler cup since we dropped the bottle at one year old. (check out our two nap one year old schedule & one nap schedule)

We’ve found some duds along the way but have also found some amazing cups that don’t leak at all!

I’m sharing the best toddler cups that don’t leak to help other mamas that were once in our shoes and have tried everything!

Below are our top 5 favorite toddler cups. From sippy cups, to straw cups and an open trainer cup, these cups are amazing and don’t leak at all!

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1. Nuby Straw Cup

The Nuby Straw Cups were one of my toddler’s first straw cups after he weaned from bottles and it is still one of our favorites!

The leak proof valve is built into the top of the straw and water only comes out if your toddler bites down while sucking.

They are fairly cheap and do not leak at all! The only times i’ve found drips on the ground is if my toddler bangs or flicks the straw repeatedly (in an attempt to get the liquid out) and even then its only drops.

These cups are also extremely durable as they have been dropped, thrown, and through the dishwasher an uncountable number of times.

2. Munchkin Sippy Cup

The Munchkin Sippy Cup is hands down the most leak-proof cup we own. There is absolutely no way to get any drops out of this cup.

The one pictured is a newer version of what we have, but it has the same click lock technology and leak-proof valve, meaning it will stay sealed under all circumstances a toddler can get this cup into!

Many professionals don’t recommend sippy cups due to delays it may cause with speech development. We only use this cup occasionally!

3. Contigo Straw Cup

The Contigo Straw Cup is another great leak-proof straw cup. Its a bit larger than the Nuby straw cup and other straw cups we have tried (14 oz).

The leak proof valve is built into the straw and doesn’t require the toddler to bite down when sucking, but the toddler must suck fairly hard to get the liquid out.

The straw isn’t see-through like other toddler cup straws and actually comes apart into two pieces for cleaning.

This one is also great for toddlers because it looks like an adult tumbler and has a hard plastic straw instead of a soft one.

4. Munchkin 360 Cup

The Munchkin 360 cup is our newest favorite toddler cup!

This cup is a fancy version of an open cup training cup. The silicone seal on the top keeps the water in when your toddler isn’t drinking and also keeps the water from spilling all over them when they tilt the cup up to take a sip.

When they hold the cup up to their mouth and making a sipping motion just enough water is let through the seal to satisfy.

This cup can be tossed around and left on the ground and will not leak.

Many babies can transition right from the bottle to this cup, but it took my toddler a few months and a few different attempts to figure this cup out.

5. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

If your toddler wants to be just like mom or dad with their toddler-size Hydro Flask water bottle this is a great option!

My toddler was obsessed from drinking from my Hydro Flask so we got him one of his own and he has been so happy ever since!

This offers all the same benefits of a normal Hydro Flask; it keeps liquid hot or cold for hours and is extremely durable.

The toddler version also comes with a silicone sleeve and a slightly slower flow for little mouths. When sealed up there are no leaks which is awesome for a water bottle use on the go!

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